All the Features You Need

Ticketbud’s built-in features are included for all customers, along with powerful integrations and API.

Setup & Ticketing

Your Event Page

Customize your event page to best profile your event


Custom Event Page Builder

Create a custom event landing page in minutes with our easy to use template. Customize your event details with images, video, ticket options, map, social links and more.

Landing pages for multiple events (or multi-day events)

Create a landing page to cross promote your events or to feature a multi-day event. Toggle between event tile list and interactive calendar view. A landing page can be created under your account or under an organization.

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Create Hybrid Events

Create virtual passes for your live events so more people can participate.

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Online Virtual Events

Our Zoom integration makes it easy to sell tickets for your virtual events.

Add Sponsor Logos

Promote your sponsors with a place to add their logos on your event page.

Organization Structure

Create one or many organizations under your account. This allows you to promote events exclusively under different organizations, venues or locations.

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Promote your other events

Add a preview of your other upcoming events on your current event.

Custom Web Link

Create your own URL to promote your event.

Event Visibility

Select whether your event is public, private or invite only.

Confirmation / Thank you Page

Add information for an after purchase Thank you page, or redirect attendees to another webpage.

Add Terms & Conditions

Set across all events or customize for each.

Mobile Optimized Event Pages

Event pages are mobile optimized through to checkout to sell more tickets.

Zoom Integration

For Virtual and Hybrid events

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Reserved Seating with Venue Mapping

Ticketbud offers a reserved seating service for event organizers needing a custom built seating solution. We can create an interactive map of your venue or event, that allows ticket buyers to select their own seat when purchasing tickets.

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Added Service

Tickets & Registration

Customize your ticketing and registration to fit your event needs


Timed Entry Ticketing

Create timed ticket access tickets to maximize attendance throughout your event, while maintaining a limited capacity.

See Example

Custom Registration & Attendee Questions

Customize the registration form or checkout questions to ask attendees. Request dietary info, session preferences, t-shirt size etc. 

Unlimited Ticket Types for Flexible Ticket Programming

Add as many ticket and registration options as you need, i.e. tiered pricing to maximize ticket sales.

Sell Merchandise & Products

After tickets have been selected you can add additional upsell options.

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Shared Ticket Inventory

Sell multiple ticket types and packages without exceeding your total ticket inventory limit. 

Ticket Groups

Bundle tickets to increase sales. Customize your ticket sub-groups with multiple ticket types.

Ticket Onsale Schedules

Create scheduled sales where specific ticket types go on sale and close on a given date/time. Great for early bird sales. 

Group Ticketing Limits

Create minimum and maximum limits for ticket purchases per transaction. 

Custom Ticket Layouts

Customize your ticket layout to include your brand.

Customize Sales Tax and Fees

Determine your own Sales Tax and Fees you wish to add to ticket purchases. 

Complementary Tickets

Add comp tickets for sponsors and special guides.

Custom Ticket Emails

Customize the purchaser/ticket holder emails sent with the event tickets. This e-ticket can be saved (including in Apple Wallet) or printed.

Collect Donations

Easily add a donation option to your event page to support fundraising.

Text message ticket delivery

Ticket buyers can receive tickets via text message or email, and save to their mobile wallet.

Racing Registration & Bibs

Assign unique race bib numbers to participants, store emergency contact details and registration information.

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Secure payment provider integrations

Stripe, WePay and PayPal

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SSO (Single sign on)

SSO available as an extra layer of security

Added Services

Badge Printing

Print QR code enabled badges for your conference or trade show attendees.

  • Badges can be printed onsite in real time for attendees.
  • Grant vendors special access to scan attendee badges with the iOS or Android app so that Vendors can build email and contact list of relevant attendees from the conference.

Available on request.

Printed tickets / Souvenir tickets

Available on request.

Refund Protect

Refund Protect

Offer optional protection to ticket buyers.

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Event Marketing

Sell more tickets with our range of marketing and promotional tools.


Discount Codes

A discount for an existing ticket type that is unlocked with a code

Access Codes (password protected ticket types)

Unlocks ticket options/pricing for selected buyers. Great for sponsor/partner tickets.

Referral Link Tracking (Affiliate Marketing)

Monitor what promotional channels or affiliate partnerships are working for you with custom link tracking.

Event Calendar

Perfect for multi-day/time events or sessions where attendees can easily select a specific date and time.

Invites and Attendee Emails

Send event invitations and communicate with attendees (you can also customize communication by ticket type)

Embed Ticket and Calendar Widgets

Sell tickets on any webpage. Easily add our ticket and calendar widgets to your own website.

See Example

Social Share Buttons

Attendees can easily share your event with others via social share buttons on your event page.

Shareable Event Link

Your event page link can be shared anywhere online.

Google Analytics Integration

Access the data to see how your attendees come to find you online.

Facebook Pixel Integration

Embed your Facebook Pixel to your event page to track visitors (who you can then remarket to).

Event Management

Simple event management to engage attendees, monitor sales/registrations, and collaborate with your events team, in a secure platform.


Edit/ Refund Ticket Orders

Edit ticket orders or attendee information, resend tickets or provide refunds.

User Access Controls

Add collaborators that are part of your team. Give them different accessibility, from ticket scanner access to full reporting access. 

Event Notifications

Subscribe yourself and others to email updates for ticket sales summaries and attendee check-ins.

Real Time Access

Desktop and mobile access in real time.

High Volume On-sale Capacity

Built to manage large volume event sales.

Zapier Integration

Connect Ticketbud to a wide range of other platforms and services.

Salesforce Integration

Connect your registration data to your CRM.

Event Check-in

Make event day easy with our free mobile app with real time event check-in data.


Free Mobile Check-in App

Free mobile check-in app.
Scan tickets at the door or search attendees by name to check-in guests. Available on iOS and Android

See Example

Real-time analytics

View live event data and attendee status on desktop or our mobile check-in app.

Attendee Lists

In addition to our mobile app, you can Check-in guests via a laptop or printed guest lists.

Sell tickets at the door (without equipment)

Our database refreshes tickets live, so you can take last minute sales on your event page. Use a QR code to direct people to your event page fast.

Offline Check-in

Attendee database can be downloaded before your event for offline check in.

Rentable Hardware

These items and more are available at the Ticketbud store

Mobile Point of Sale devices to sell tickets at the door

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Fast scanning sleds for high volume events

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Iphone, ipad and ipod devices

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Wifi Boosters

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Event Reporting

Customize your reports for your needs. Our comprehensive reporting gives unmatched insights into event performance. You own your event data and attendee information. You're in control with complete data access throughout your event lifecycle.

Ticketbud has detailed reporting options so you can track everything happening with your events. Our customers love our visual reports that are clear and easy to follow.

Event Group Tags

Organize Events with custom reporting by grouping events with a custom tag (groups can be anything from a location to linking recurring events or multi-day events together)

Record Offline Sales

Add any offline cash sales to your event reporting

Real Time Reporting (Event Dashboard)

  • Gross sales and estimated payout
  • View ticket sales revenue (per day, total)
  • View ticket type sales data (by revenue or count for each ticket type)
  • Search individual ticket orders

Custom Event Reports

  • All tickets
  • Sales by ticket type
  • All sales by transaction

Sales Map

See on a map where attendees are purchasing tickets

Demographic Information

Customize your registration forms to collect required demographic information from attendees.

At the Door Reporting

  • Point of sale
  • Track scans by hour
  • Track scans by user

Account Level Reporting

View all your events with year on year reporting. Our visual reports make it easy to see the big picture.

Data Security Features

Working with a secure ticketing platform like Ticketbud helps provide reassurance to organizers and ticket buyers. Give attendees the confidence that their purchase is secure.

We don’t use or sell your data

Unlike competitors, Ticketbud ensures event organizers have complete ownership and access to their ticketing and attendee data.

  • We don’t charge more for it
  • We don't sell it to anyone else
  • We don't promote other events on our platform to your customers.

Automatic Backups

Your event data is backed up to our remote servers.

Secure Event Data (SSL)

All event and attendee data transferred on Ticketbud is securely served over SSL.

SSL is a type of encryption protocol that secures data between browsers and servers so it can't be intercepted, preventing hackers from accessing customer information.

Compliance Standards

Ticketbud’s payment processing uses the very latest PCI DSS card-security standards and we are also fully GDPR compliant.

SSO (Single sign on)

Single sign-on (SSO) is available to organizers. This is a session and user authentication service that permits one set of login credentials, logging in with a single ID to multiple software systems. available as an extra layer of security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Features & Tools

What are Ticketbud’s attendee check-in options?

Our free mobile apps make it easy to scan tickets or check-in attendees by name. Powerful scanning hardware is available for festivals and large events, as well as mobile point of sale for on the door ticket sales. For online events you can send an access link to your virtual platform of choice after people have registered for tickets.

Event Day Check-in

Does Ticketbud offer tools to help promote my event?

Yes! Ticketbud has a range of inbuilt promotional, tracking and communication tools to help with your event marketing.

Tools at your fingertips include customizable event and organization pages, social share buttons, Facebook pixel and Google Analytics integration, promotional widgets to embed tickets directly onto your website, custom link tracking, referral and promotional codes, and the ability to send targeted email invitations from within the platform.

Does Ticketbud have in-built tools to communicate with attendees?

Yes! You can communicate with attendees directly from the Ticketbud platform in a variety of ways. Our engagement tools can facilitate communication, help nurture attendees, and manage attendee lists for follow up. This includes:

  • Email invitations to your event
  • Communicate with all attendees, individuals or groups
  • Send targeted custom messages to attendees holding a specific ticket type
  • Send post event surveys

Is it easy to manage multiple events or multi-day events?

Yes! Ticketbud can help you manage events for multiple organizations, brands or groups. You can also create pages for multi-day events.

  • Beneficial for cross promotional opportunities.
  • Create a custom branded link (vanity URL) for your organization landing page.

With your Ticketbud account you can create multiple organizations with events that sit under that organization. If your organization or brand runs multiple events or has events that span multiple days, a showcase landing page can be a great way to present your events on one branded page. This also gives the ability to toggle between event tiles and an interactive calendar view.

View example organization landing page – The Best of Texas events.

Does Ticketbud offer reserved seating?

YES! We offer reserved seating for theaters and stadiums, as well as custom event layouts with tabled seating or sections. Our interactive mapping feature allows attendees to select their seat from your event map. Learn more about our reserved seating.

Does Ticketbud have collaboration features with administration access levels?

Yes! Ticketbud allows you to customize collaboration access and offers unlimited collaborators.

The ability to set administrative access levels for event collaboration is highly valuable. This allows departments and team members to access the information they need, relevant to their role or the event they’re working on, without giving unnecessary access. You may want to restrict access to financials, or you may have volunteers that simply need access for check-in scanning. We have you covered with this functionality.

What if I need a feature that I don’t see listed on your website?

If you are looking for a specific feature or tool for your event, reach out to us on our contact page to let us know. We’re continually adding new features and the one you need might be on the way. We can also work with organizations to custom build features to fit their requirements.


What data security is provided?

Ticketbud provides a secure platform for event organizers and your attendees. 

Ticketbud’s ticketing platform is served over SSL, meaning you can be sure that all data transferred is secure. SSL is a type of encryption protocol that secures data between browsers and servers so it can’t be intercepted. This prevents hackers from reading customer information. SSL certificates create a safer website experience for businesses and customers.

Ticketbuds payment processing uses the very latest PCI DSS card-security standards. We are also GDPR compliant.

Ticketbud customers can also use single sign-on (SSO), a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials, logging in with a single ID to multiple software systems.

Unlike competitors, Ticketbud ensures you have complete ownership and access to your ticketing and attendee data. We do not charge more for it and we don’t sell it to anyone else. We also don’t promote other events on our platform to your customers.

Does Ticketbud charge more for multiple ticket types?

No! Ticketbud gives you the ability to create unlimited ticket types, with no additional cost. This helps you create great ticket programming to sell more tickets.

Buying behaviour trends show that ticket programming with multiple ticket types is the key to jumpstarting and maximizing ticket sales. Be aware of providers that charge more for multiple ticket types.

With unlimited ticket types you can create early bird sales, exclusive VIP experiences, group packages, tiered pricing, family passes, food and beverage packages, event merchandise, donations, complementary and sponsor tickets.

Does Ticketbud offer promotional discount and access code functionality?

Yes! Easily create promotional discount and access codes for your tickets. Offer special promotional prices to certain members or target audiences with exclusive offers.

Ticketbud’s discount code functionality applies a percentage or dollar amount discount to an existing ticket type for people with a promotional code.

Our access code functionality reveals a hidden ticket type, only visible to those with the code. This is useful for ticket types you don’t want everyone to see (ideal for partner or sponsor tickets).

Can I create custom questions to ask attendees?

Yes! Create custom questions that you ask all attendees or questions for specific ticket types.

This allows you to gather information from attendees before your event such as dietary requirements, sign-ups for break-out sessions, t-shirt size, or feedback on how they heard about your event.

How to create custom questions on Ticketbud

Does Ticketbud offer customizable ticket layouts?

Yes! Ticketbud gives you the flexibility to create your own custom ticket layout.

You can upload any design to fit our template, embed a schedule of events on the bottom of your printed tickets or sponsor information and coupons. You can also customize the ticket design for different ticket types. A parking ticket might include a parking map for example.

How to create custom ticket layout

Can event tickets be shown in calendar view?

Yes! Your event tickets can be presented as a calendar where attendees select a specific day/time for their ticket.

A booking calendar is perfect for multi-day/time events or sessions. It makes it easy for
registrants or ticket buyers to select a specific date and time. Ticketbud also makes it easy for
you to embed this calendar on your own website in addition to your free ticketbud landing page.

Can offline or cash sales be recorded on Ticketbud?

Yes! To keep your data in one place for accurate reporting, we give you the ability to record any offline sales for your event.

Ticketbud has an offline tickets function that allows you to record sales from tickets processed offline. When it comes to reconciling ticket sales, it is important to have accurate information on hand. This is also handy when sponsors would like to send in a check to avoid paying processing fees. Ticketbud offers offline cash/check account management.

Your questions

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It’s a great platform. It allows us with the widget, to integrate right into our site. It’s really user friendly, and it allows us as event producers, not to worry about a lot of the logistics in terms of processing tickets.

Kevin Baxter, Viral Festivals