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With Venue Mapping customized for your event with interactive selection

Customized Reserved Seating

If you have a venue or event that requires allocated ticketing our reserved seating functionality Ticketbud has what you need to create seating charts or ticketed sections customized for your event.

A seamless and secure online ticketing solution for reserved seating events. Your attendee ticket selection and checkout experience is mobile optimized, designed for ease of purchase to help sell more tickets.

Venue maps and seating charts customized for your needs by our team

Our team will create the custom venue map and seating plan for your event. In addition to seating options (sections, tables or chairs), you can also provide orientational context such as stages, bar/food areas and bathrooms. Attendees can view seating options in relation to walkways and exits. You can also include relevant text notes.

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Interactive Seat Selection

Attendees get to choose their seats from a clickable interactive map of your event or venue. They can also select the best available option. Our seat ranker algorithm enables you to score each seat in your venue to help attendees identify the best seats in the house or let the algorithm pick the best availability for their order.

Orphaned seats are prevented with our seat selector rules and logic.

Custom Pricing to Maximize Sales

Customize your pricing for a selection of seats within a section. Offer premium sections and tiered pricing tickets.

Sell the same seat at various price points, such as child, student, senior or veteran rates.

Our reserved seating feature will automatically offer the best available seats to attendees first to help maximize sales.

Ticketbud Can Customize Seating for Any Event

  • Theater seating
  • Tabled seating for dining events
  • Cabaret or lounge style
  • Standing room only sections
  • Stadium seating
  • Circus / Big Top seating
  • Camping allocations and more

Manage Season Pass Tickets

If your event or venue offers season or members tickets we can build this into your reserved seating offering and map. Give ticket holders the option to renew or upgrade their seats.

Reserved Seating FREE for Limited Time

Event organizers can have their custom reserved seating and interactive mapping set up for free.

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