How to Sell Tickets Online

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Manage everything in one place with a complete event ticketing and registration solution. Seamlessly create, promote, track and review events with our great range of features. 

Our all-inclusive platform gives you access to all the tools and customer support you need to manage and promote your event. Seamlessly sell event tickets online with Ticketbud and maximize ticket sales.

8 Step Guide to Selling Tickets Online

  1. GET SET UP: The first step is to Sign-up for Ticketbud (it’s free to sign-up and start planning, no credit card information required). If you already have an account, you can simply sign in
  2. CREATE AN EVENT: Once you’ve created an account you’ll be prompted with the Create Event page automatically. If you have signed in to your Account Dashboard go to the  Create Event Page and fill out all the details. This doesn’t have to be perfect, you can always make changes later! You can also select whether this event is private, public or by invite only. 
  3. MANAGE EVENT: Next you’ll access your Event Dashboard. This is where you’ll edit, manage and monitor your event.  
  4. EDIT EVENT PAGE:  This is a blueprint for your live event page that customers see. Here you’ll be able to manage the details of your event and customize the look and feel by adding an image and description. This page sells your event, so include detailed information, images and maps. Think of the main banner image as your event poster and create something impactful.   
  5. ADD TICKETS: The next step is to add tickets to your event. Create an unlimited number of ticket types (no additional cost).Well planned ticket programing helps sell more tickets. You have the flexibility to choose different ticket layouts, add custom questions to collect additional information from attendees.
  6. PAYMENT OPTIONS: , Next you need to configure your payment information (So you can collect your revenue!).  Ticketbud integrates with three main payment processors, Stripe, WePay and Paypal. To help select the best processor for your event – see this article.
  7. ACTIVATE YOUR EVENT: Once your payment configuration is set up you are ready to activate your event and begin selling tickets online. 
  8. EVENT PROMOTION: Ticketbud also includes helpful promotional tools to help you sell more tickets..  You can create unique referral links, connect Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to better track performance, embed ticket widgets on your website and send invites to attendees via email.

Committed to continuous improvement, we regularly update capabilities and functionality to provide the best online ticketing experience. In 2019 Ticketbud has significantly enhanced the user experience for both event organizers and ticket buyers. We also have great new features for organizations to help you manage multiple events.

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