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Ticketbud is the best Eventbrite alternative out there. We offer daily payouts, excellent customer service, and competitive service charges. See why organizers switch, everyday!

Sell Tickets Fast. Get Paid Faster.

If you solution a site like Eventbrite, Ticketbud is the best way to create your event. It’ll only take a couple minutes to create your custom event page and start selling. You’ll love the simplicity and convenience of using Ticketbud. After creation, choose our internal processor and get paid every day after attendees buy tickets. No more worrying about receiving funds until after your event ends.

Expert Customer Support

Go to a lot of ticketing sites, and you’ll notice that you have to fill out a help form and then you’re stuck waiting for a response, by email. This is unacceptable, especially when you have an urgent question. No software is perfect, and having support on standby ready to assist is vital for a successful event. Ticketbud offers phone, email, and chat support and is expanding its team all the time.

Our software gives you complete control over your promotion, marketing, and attendee management. Thanks to our partnership with Zapier, you can connect Mailchimp and a host of other services to help you sell more! Helping you get more sales is our primary mission, so we have tools to assist you in every way possible. We’re in the business of making your event a crowning achievement and an experience that everyone is talking about afterwards.

Getting started with Ticketbud is fast, easy and free.

  1. Sign Up with your email and password, and then you’ll be brought to the event creation page automatically.
  2. Start entering details for your event. All you need to do is enter in the name of the event, as well as a ticket type. If you don’t have more info, that’s okay. You can enter in other details as you get more information. If you already know more details, go for it!
  3. Once you’re ready, enter your payment details so you can get paid for your ticket sales. Your event will activate, allowing you to market your event on social media and via email.

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Daily Payouts

The third advantage that Ticketbud has over Eventbrite and other ticketing companies is that we offer daily payouts. When you sign up with our internal processor, you will get access to daily payouts for free. This means that you’ll be getting revenue from the previous day deposited directly into your account. No more waiting until after your event to get paid. Eventbrite does offer the option of weekly payouts, but you have to go through a rigorous process and you’re not guaranteed it. Even then, it’s still weekly – you have venues and caterers and other expenses to pay. Getting paid daily is the best and only choice.

Your Event Is The Star

There’s a huge difference between Ticketbud and Eventbrite – we are organizer focused, they are attendee focused. Unfortunately, this has some implications for the organizer. Any event on Eventbrite will have a section on the bottom informing the potential attendee of other events happening in the same area, at the same time. So they might have been interested in your event at one point, but then they might see something they like even more down below. We think that each organizer works hard on their event, so you deserve to have your event be the primary focus!

We also include cross-event sales reporting to guarantee a precise control from before your event begins to when it all wraps up. Every ticket purchase gives you valuable attendee data, and these insights can be used by planning committees and organizations so you can grow.

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