How Sony Used Ticketbud’s Custom Solutions to Create a Perfect Brand Experience


Sony’s Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) is the most anticipated event for video game designers and programmers worldwide. Taking place over the course of five days, it showcases the newest tech and brings together the brightest minds in the industry. The conference also offers training courses and discussions.

In 2015, Sony’s GDC celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Sony’s Playstation video game console. To celebrate this special event, GDC hosts an after-conference Mixer for all of their VIP guests.

The Challenge

The event organizers for the GDC Mixer had used other event management software companies in the past, and the results had been sub-par. Check in was slow and their mobile apps had multiple issues which caused delays and dissatisfaction.

Furthermore, Sony needed a solid RSVP system to provide a complete brand experience for their guests. Maintaining a high level of communication on the attendee level was imperative to the success of the event.

Ticketbud’s custom event mobile app made the check in process extremely simple and smooth.

Chris Gangai, Event Coordinator

The Solution

After looking at multiple registration companies, Sony’s events team partnered with Ticketbud, citing their experience in building custom event software. To kick off the relationship, Ticketbud’s design team customized the mixer’s event page, RSVP emails, and event mobile app to capture Playstation’s brand identity.

Ticketbud worked directly with Chris Gangai of Sony’s event team. To bring his vision to life, a RSVP platform was layered on top of the registration software. Built into the platform was a smart list uploader that parsed through guest data to send email invitations. This gave Chris a bird’s eye view on who was coming and allowed the events team to prepare accordingly.

Working with Ticketbud was simple and effective. Through their software, our check-in line was completely diminished which was a huge perk.

Chris Gangai, Event Coordinator

To fulfill attendee communication requirements, Ticketbud’s engineering team built an integration that saved the mixer from a giant headache. When a VIP guest was checked in, a member of Sony’s staff needed to be notified immediately to greet them. The integration accomplished this by sending a SMS notification to a staff member when this action occurred.

On the night of the Mixer, eager conference goers lined up for a relaxed night after multiple days of workshops and training sessions. They were pleasantly surprised to find that check in was a breeze and VIPs were greeted by Sony staff as they scanned tickets from their mobile phone.

Overall, the Sony event organizers deemed the event a major success and attributed Ticketbud’s custom branding work as well as its mobile event app for smooth check-in.

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