How an Art Show Used Ticketbud to Power Their Event from Start to Finish


Andy Warhol. Shepard Fairey. Takashi Murakami. These world renowned artists and countless others’ works were on display at Pop Austin, an annual contemporary art show held over 3 days in Austin, Texas.

Amanda Huras and Matt Randall co-founded the event after noticing a disconnect between local artists and collectors in the area. Their vision was to bring the two together and showcase their works alongside some of the largest contemporary artists from around the world.

The Challenge

Curating a first of its kind art show proved to be no easy task. The two co-founders completely financed the venture themselves and wore many hats in the preparation of the event.

Aside from sourcing the art and the logistics that came with it, Pop Austin needed a flexible platform that handled more than just online ticket sales. On-site support and advanced reporting were big question marks that needed answers. Additionally, all works of art were for sale and the show required a solution to facilitate these transactions.

“Ticketbud was wonderful to work with, not only did they take care of all our ticket sales for POP, but they also built out a platform for us to use when we sold art work.”

Amanda Huras, Co-Founder of Pop Austin International Art Show

The Solution

With their launch right around the corner, Pop Austin teamed up with Ticketbud to take care of the heavy lifting. Online ticket sales skyrocketed alongside Pop Austin’s marketing efforts. The platform’s flexibility allowed the show to break out ticket types by day along with up selling their opening night party. This did wonders for managing attendance expectations.

Day of the event, the show leaned on Ticketbud’s Point Of Sale system to power at-the-door transactions. This included walkup ticket purchases and all art sales. With Ticketbud’s on-site support, Matt and Amanda could turn their focus to running a successful show. Removing operational headaches from the equation were also seen from a post-event perspective as well.

“Ticketbud took care of every transaction for us, they collected all of our customers information, and at the end they summarized everything throughly and went over it with us. It was perfect!”

Amanda Huras, Co-Founder of Pop-Austin

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