How a Music Festival Successfully Managed Their Online Ticket Sales and Campsite Reservations


Jammin at Hippie Jack’s began as a documentary series that celebrated Americana music and the people behind it. After growing distribution of the television program into 30 states, the project established a non-profit organization to oversee management and development.

The non-profit, known as The Council of Americana Roots Music, set to preserve Americana roots music and developed two festivals to bring live music into the fold. Silas Stoddart runs the non-profit and oversees both festivals’ operations. Each Jammin at Hippie Jack’s runs over multiple days and offers camping for all attendees.


The Challenge

Silas was not happy with his ticketing system. Every event came with its own set of problems. The fee costs were astronomical and the check-in application became a nightmare to use. Additionally, lackluster customer support compounded his issues with the system. In time of need, Silas didn’t have anyone to turn to.

Each event I am amazed at the service, quality, and care I receive. In modern day business it seems these traits always come a premium cost but with Ticketbud you receive the hands on attention your event needs at a fraction of the cost of other ticketing companies.

Silas Stoddart, Festival Organizer at Jammin at Hippie Jack’s

The Solution

Silas first used Ticketbud for their largest festival of the year. Expecting over 2,000 attendees with almost half reserving campsites, Silas needed a customized solution. Ticketbud’s staff worked with Silas to design a system that handled both festival ticket sales and campsite reservations. The results were impressive.

The festival’s event registration changed from a nightmare into an effortless operation. Festival attendees could book camping spots early which made on-site preparation much more predictable. Silas now had a direct line of communication with his ticketing provider which became integral into building the custom solution.

Jammin at Hippie Jack’s has now sold tickets to over 6,000 attendees and continues to use the Ticketbud platform for their event management needs.

I have worked with Ticketbud for over a year and half now and done multiple events. It was obvious from the beginning Ticketbud was the right choice for my ticketing needs.

Silas Stoddart, Festival Organizer at Jammin at Hippie Jack’s

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