How A Local Brewery Optimized Its Tour System


An Austin brewery that also offers tours of its facilities, Thirsty Planet operates in the heart of the craft beer movement. The brewery sets itself apart from the competition by being environmentally conscious and donating a portion of sales to local charities. As their Saturday tours increased in popularity, Thirsty Planet’s existing ticketing system was becoming an issue.

The Challenge

Despite the tours going well, Thirsty Planet’s system had a lot of issues. Ben Sabin, an Assistant Brewer at TP, always had to add more tickets than necessary to compensate for ticket confirmations not sending on time. The delayed delivery created confusion amongst attendees who at times would sign up for the same tickets. Furthermore, employees created paid tickets by hand. This required a considerable amount of time that could have gone towards brewing specialty craft beers.

We needed a better system than just an improvised widget to get peoples information as well as control the crowds that might be expected on some saturdays.

Ben Sabin, Assistant Brewer at Thirsty Planet Brewery

The Solution

To save time and run their tours efficiently, Thirsty Planet turned to Ticketbud. The results were immediate. Registering online for a tour date became a painless process for attendees. Thirsty Planet now had a clear view into the demand for each tour, allowing them to prepare for their crowds with precision. They also eliminated the time suck of creating tickets by hand, relying on Ticketbud’s platform to automate this task

Beyond just the tours, Thirsty Planet used Ticketbud for their 4th year Anniversary Party to great success. They received their highest turnout thanks to leveraging Ticketbud’s system to generate online sales. The party increased their reach by allowing people not living in the area to buy online.

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