Choosing Online Ticketing
October 28, 2020  •  by Lisa Carson

The 9 Most Popular Ticketing Features and Tools for Event Organizers:

1. Real Human Customer Support

This has without a doubt been one of the most valuable features a ticketing platform could offer this year.  Event Organizers have been dealing with new challenges, adapting events, or creating ticketed events for the first time due to capacity restrictions. Getting a real person on the phone makes all the difference when you need it. 

Ticketbud’s platform flexibility and real human customer support has set us apart this year. 

“We really value the flexibility of being able to work with the Ticketbud team and saying, ‘this is the problem we’re dealing with, and we need a solution for it,’ then they come back and say, ‘Here’s your solution.’ It’s really nice to be able to have that level of support.” 

Amber Gunst, CEO of the Austin Technology Council.

2. Timed Access Ticketing 

As live events return, event organizers are looking for solutions to facilitate social distancing and manage capacities. Timed ticket access allows a specific number of attendees at allocated time slots, preventing overcrowding and maximizing ticket sales safely. Learn more about timed access ticketing.

3. Refund Protection

Refund Protect is the broadest optional refund protection program available to ticket buyers, and now includes Covid-19 coverage. By integrating refund protection, Ticketbud can offer enhanced terms of sale where customers can request a 100% refund should they not be able to attend their event due to unforeseen circumstances.

4. Contactless Ticketing

Digital tickets make it easy to scan without contact or exchanging paper. Getting people to buy tickets online gives you the ability to collect all their details before the event and quickly scan their digital ticket when they arrive to check them in. 

Ticketbud tickets are also integrated with Apple Wallet, making it easier for attendees to store and find their digital event ticket quickly. 

5. Early Payouts

Getting early access to event funds is always something desirable to event organizers, but with tighter event budgets this year it has become a  major priority. Some ticketing companies hold on to your money until after your event, sometimes months after. This just doesn’t work for a lot of event organizers who need early payouts to help fund promotion, pay vendors and cover other upfront event costs. 

Ticketbud offers flexible payout options (daily, weekly, monthly).

6. Online Ticketing for Virtual Events 

Virtual events hit an all time high this year with many organizers having to figure out the logistics of an entirely online event for the first time. Ticketbud made it easy for organizers to quickly set up an event page and start selling tickets right away. Then using our inbuilt communication tools and your chosen video platform (such as Zoom), an event access link can be sent to attendees after they have purchased a ticket.  Learn more about  virtual events

7. Inbuilt Promotion and Communication tools 

Tools that make it easy to promote, manage, communicate and track are important to save valuable time. Custom link tracking, referral and promotional codes (including discount and access codes) are very useful, as is the ability to send email invitations. Communication tools that allow for individual or group communication,  including the ability to target those holding specific ticket types.  Event organizers want to keep in touch with attendees leading up to and after the event, particularly important if any contact tracing is required after an event. 

Ticketbud Ad Engine is an optional advertising extra. Access powerful social advertising with advanced targeting features, made easy for events. Optimizing Facebook and Instagram ads based on your ticket sales data, automatically focusing ad budget on ads that sell more tickets.

8. Simple Custom Event Pages 

Event organizers generally need to create an event web page, unless they have an existing  website and are just looking to sell tickets from it. Ticketbud has a simple ticket widget that allows you to sell the tickets right from your own website. However many event organizers are looking to create a custom event landing page where they can sell tickets. Organizers want something that is quick and easy to set up, with no technical skills required. 

Ticketbud provides organizers with a simple template for creating a custom branded event web page that is search engine and mobile optimized.

9. Unlimited Ticketing Types 

Event organizers want the freedom and flexibility to create effective ticket programming with multiple ticket types to help maximize sales. 

With unlimited ticket types you can create early bird sales, exclusive VIP experiences, group packages, tiered pricing, family passes, food and beverage packages, event merchandise, donations, complementary and sponsor tickets, and more.

Even Organizers want to be able to create multiple ticket types without paying more for it. Many have been caught out in the past with ticketing companies that limit the number of ticket types you can have before they charge more. Ticketbud allows organizers to create unlimited ticket types at no additional cost.

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