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February 19, 2020  •  by Lisa Carson

Get the cheat code to one of the most powerful social advertising networks – with Ticketbud Ad Engine

Designed for event organizers, our mission is to make it as easy as possible for organizers to successfully create, manage and sell tickets for their events. Now we’re making event advertising easier, with the launch of Ticketbud Ad Engine.  

Ticketbud is excited to introduce our powerful new advertising feature, designed to make highly targeted social advertising easy and intuitive for event organizers. Ticketbud Ad Engine seamlessly integrates social media advertising with Ticketbud events. 

While the audience targeting capabilities of social advertising is powerful for reaching specific audiences, they are rarely easy to navigate. Busy event organizers who have a long list of elements to coordinate, often miss valuable advertising opportunities and don’t get optimal return on investment. 

“Knowing the power of social advertising for events, we wanted to offer the best resources to help event organizers sell more tickets. The Ticketbud Ad Engine powered by ToneDen gives event organizers access to one of the most powerful ad tech networks, in a simple and intuitive way.”

Ticketbud CEO Kayhan Ahmadi.

Access advanced social advertising tools for events

Everything you need to run successful ad campaigns that sell more tickets. Use sophisticated tools to easily identify and target the right audience, with the optimal ad content to drive sales.  

What you get with Ticketbud Ad Engine:

Powerful Audience Targeting and Retargeting – easily set up and test multiple audiences to identify those that lead to more sales. Ad Engine curates the best tools to target the right audience for your event. 

  • Audience targeting by demographic and behavioral information, including Spotify listening preferences.
  • Create lookalike audiences from previous attendee and email lists. This targets your ads toward similar audiences.
  • Retarget customers that viewed your event but didn’t purchase tickets. Your ad will follow them as a reminder to buy a ticket.

Build Ads that Drive Sales – automatically test various ad content combinations to find the perfect ads that sell more tickets.

Stronger Call to Action buttons – drive action on ads encouraging people to “Buy Tickets”.

Automatic Budget Optimization – smart budgeting ensures advertising spend is shifted toward ads that sell more tickets, maximizing return on investment.

Conversion Tracking with clear ROI – know exactly how much in ticket sales your ads generate. No more advertising in the dark.

Ticketbud customers see amazing results with Ad Engine

Ticketbud event organizers love what they can do with Ticketbud Ad Engine and have been blown away by the results. From the simplified set-up, to great functionality and trackable return on investment, customers are thrilled to have an easy solution to their event marketing challenges.

“The new Ticketbud Ad Engine was piloted with large and small events and delivered impressive results for both. Across the board, customers were able to increase ticket sales, and create over 10x ROI from ad spend to ticket revenue.” Ticketbud CEO, Kayhan Ahmadi.

Now available for all Ticketbud customers 

Create the most effective event advertising on Facebook and Instagram and sell more tickets. Ask us about Ticketbud Ad Engine, or get started today.

Ticketbud Ad Engine Powered By ToneDen