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September 30, 2020  •  by Lisa Carson

As Live Events Return, Event Organizers Embrace Timed Access Event Ticketing

Event organizers are looking for solutions to manage capacity restrictions, as live public events slowly return. Timed ticket access, enables event organizers to allow a specific number of attendees at allocated time slots. This prevents overcrowding, while helping organizers safely maximize ticket sales.    

“Access to a reliable system for managing event capacities has become a big priority for organizers. Ticketbud has been partnering with events across the US to provide these solutions, with great results. Many events are selling out, people want to attend events if they’re managed safely”.

Kayhan Ahmadi, Ticketbud CEO.

Attendee tracing and communication made easy

Scheduled access also gives organizers a mechanism for tracing exactly who was at their event and when. If organizers needed to contact attendees that attended during a certain time period, this is made easy with timed tickets  and Ticketbud’s inbuilt communication system.  

Community events partnering with Ticketbud 

Ticketbud has been working with local event organizers adapting their offerings to the new climate. Big holiday festival partners such as Austin’s Trail of Lights pivoted to a drive through event in 2020. While smaller community events and attractions have found working with a supportive ticketing partner, makes a huge difference right now.

Event organizers started making the switch to timed access in Fall. This included pumpkin patch visits, as well as haunted farms and Halloween drive through events. Ticketbud is excited to help event organizers get back on their feet by making the return to live events easier to manage. Right now it’s vital for people to have a system for managing capacities.

A safe return to family events

In New Jersey, state guidelines required family run Abam’s Farm Barnyard Petting Zoo to limit their barnyard capacity.

“The Ticketbud team have been nothing short of amazing in helping create and facilitate online ticket sales for our Barnyard Petting Zoo during the pandemic. The restrictions and guidelines given in the State of NJ forced us to limit the capacity of people in our Barnyard at one time, so we had to rethink how we could keep our barnyard open, while ensuring our patrons and employees safety. 

Our partnership with Ticketbud provided us with a ticketing system that allows customers to purchase online tickets that go on sale each morning, for same day purchase at a specific time slot. This allowed for less contact, no lines or groups of people waiting and a controlled environment that complied with restrictions.

I can’t say enough good things about the Ticketbud team with their superior customer service and efficiency. It’s been a pleasure to work with them and would highly recommend Ticketbud to anyone looking for ticketing solutions.”

Cailin Ptasznik, Abma’s Farm

Tickets for entry into Abma’s Barnyard Petting Zoo come on sale on the morning of the activity. They manage this with the Sales Schedule in Ticket Settings.

Below you can see an example event page for Abma’s Farm Hayride experiences.

Maximizing ticket sales for show house capacities

Home shows have been another popular user of the timed access option. The Junior League of Detroit Designers Show House have made great use of Ticketbud’s calendar feature and timed sessions throughout the day.  

“Selling timed entry with a limited quantity is an efficient way to manage social distancing at an event. Typically we would have crowds in the  mornings and then a big lull in the afternoon. Now we find that we have an even distribution of patrons all day. 

We can also add extra tickets for time periods that sell out quickly, search for lost tickets, access email addresses of ticket buyers, and send promo codes as perks to sponsors. We were pushed to use this platform because of the pandemic, but I cannot imagine going back to our old way of selling tickets next year”. 

Liana Dabir, Junior League of Detroit 2020 Designers Show House

To learn more about what you get with Ticketbud visit our How It Works page.