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November 22, 2022  •  by Rachel White

Tis the Season to Save: Hosting Holiday Sales to Sell More Tickets to Your Events

This holiday season, people are hungry for savings, and Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Years offer timely opportunities for event planners to offer exclusive savings and drive ticket sales to any upcoming events. 

A recent survey, commissioned by Wildfire, found that 90% of people are more interested than ever in getting discounts, using coupons and earning rewards when shopping online; and that businesses that offer incentives are more attractive to customers. In fact, the Department of Commerce reported a 1.3% growth in retail sales in October, driven largely by marketing efforts of retailers like Amazon, Target and Khol’s, which rolled out pre-season savings to boost shopper spending ahead of Thanksgiving. 

“Economic pressures are driving the broad adoption of shopping rewards programs, which are ‘crossing the chasm’ from coupon clippers and early adopters to mainstream consumers seeking to cut costs any way they can,” writes Jordan Glazier, CEO of Wildfire, in a recent article published by Entrepreneur

Below, learn how you can harness the spirit of holiday savings by creating your own ticket discounts with Ticketbud, and explore resources to develop a marketing campaign for your sale that taps deep into the psyche of buyer behavior.

Easily Create an Event PROMO Code with Ticketbud

According to the Wildfire survey, people also seek ease of use when accessing or redeeming rewards and discounts online. Ticketbud’s promotional tools are designed to help you offer discounts your customers can access without any detours or hurdles. 

After creating an event in Ticketbud, follow these steps to create a unique promo code and discounted link to share with your customers for instant access to exclusive savings. 

Step 1 – Event Dashboard
After creating your event page and setting-up ticket types in the Ticket Editor, you’ll be ready to create your first promotion.
To do so, navigate to the Promotion drop-down menu in your event dashboard, and select “Promotion Codes”

Step 2 – Promotion Codes
Here, you’ll have the option to add a discount code.

Step 3 – New Discount Code

Creating your promo code is simple with this short form.

First, pick a unique code, and remember that it is case-sensitive.

Then, choose if you’d like the savings to be in a percentage or dollar-amount (50% off vs. $50 off), and select the ticket types you’d like to make the promotion available for.

To make your deal even more exclusive and enticing, you may set quantity or time limits.

Step 4 – Promotion Codes
Once you’ve created your discount, it will be listed under Promotion Codes, with information on how many times it’s been used, as well as tools to edit and share.

The share button will generate a link that allows people to access the discount seamlessly, without having to type in the specific code at check-out. Share it on social media, or use it to offer exclusive savings to important stakeholders.

Promote Your Holiday Sale 

Let your savings shine through a thoughtful marketing campaign that gets people excited about scoring discount tickets to your can’t-miss event. 

The fear of missing out, FOMO, can influence people to commit to an event, as well as drive people to act impulsively when faced with a good deal. Shopping incentives trigger a buyer’s sense of scarcity, a fixation on the limit of time or quantity of something. Here’s how emphasizing both in your marketing campaign might help push people to check-out:

  • Time: The holiday sale and the event itself are limited by time. Use this to your advantage when planning and creating your content. Schedule announcements for flash sales and deadlines, promote limited-time savings and build anticipation for the event.
  • Quantity: Your ticket sales may be limited by the venue capacity or the number of discounts you’re willing to offer. Alert people when tickets are selling fast or running low, or consider limiting quantities to offer exclusive savings to key stakeholders as part of your strategy. 

To spread the news of your sale fast and far, utilize social media and amplify your reach to the right audience with low-cost targeted ads. Ticketbud’s Ad Engine can be a great tool for this.

To build loyalty with current customers or stakeholders, pass along exclusive savings to your channel’s subscribers or mailing lists. Use Ticketbud’s promo code sharing options to create personalized email invitations that link directly to your discounts, or design printed materials with QR codes that link people directly to the savings, using this free online tool. 

Design content across all your marketing channels with help from Canva, a free and easy to use design tool which offers a great range of holiday sale templates for various online and print channels.

Check out their free templates including these Black Friday Sale templates, Christmas Sale Templates and countless other resources for designing any online, video and print materials you might need for your next event: