Event Management
August 21, 2023  •  by Rachel White

Nine Cool Technologies to Help Plan Your Next Event

Event coordinator is consistently listed in the top 10 most stressful jobs, along with military personnel, airline pilots and newspaper and broadcast journalists. 

And why wouldn’t it be? Event Coordinators have to plan and execute the experience, juggle vendor, sponsor and attendee management, all while sticking to a tight budget and managing unforeseen circumstances. Event organizers have to be ready for something that doesn’t go according to plan, so they depend on reliable tools to make the job easier. 

We’ve compiled a list of nine helpful apps, tools, and technologies that will save our overworked event organizers time and effort:

  1. ScanGuru

ScanGuru turns your phone into a portable scanner. With it, you can scan any typed or handwritten document, converting it to an editable file with no internet needed. Easily turn your meeting notes or run-of-show drafts into typed, editable documents you can share with your team via email or as PDF or JPEG files. The technology also allows you to add your signature to scanned documents, so vendor contracts have never been easier to share, sign and send. 

  1. Tweek Calendar 

Managing weekly to-do lists for your event becomes a breeze with Tweek. The easy-to-use interface allows you to add and rearrange tasks and provides a snapshot to help you prioritize throughout the week. Tweek is free for up to three users. The app allows you to share calendars, to-do lists and tasks and collaborate with teammates. Plus, you can download a printable calendar to take with you to meetings or onsite at your event. 

  1. OpenConf

Hosting an educational or research event? OpenConf is a trusted technology widely used by scholarly events and journals across industries in more than 100 countries. It can help manage abstract submissions and reviews. Easily assign reviewers, monitor scoring and progress, and provide emailed updates to applicants. 

  1. Eventpedia

No designer or budget to print a program? No problem. Eventpedia is an interactive event app organizers and attendees can use to manage event schedules and information. Use it to develop and share profiles on speakers, sponsors or exhibitors, and create opportunities to monetize through sponsored advertisements. Through real-time push notifications and social media integration, the app can also enhance the attendee experience and provides a platform for group chats, polls, surveys and networking.

  1. Notion

Never lose a planning document or waste time digging through emails or notes again. Notion compiles your entire workflow into one workspace. Event organizers can use it to manage projects, create tasks lists, set due dates and store information for one person or the entire team. The display of the data is completely customizable, with everything accessible in just a few clicks. Need help organizing? Notion has a range of customizable pages and templates designed to help event organizers plan and market their event. 

  1. Slack

Slack is a popular resource for team communication that can also be used for attendee engagement during events. The live chat technology allows administrators to create topical channels for organized communication. With more than 2,600 app integrations, the instant messenger technology has the power to bring together all the people, tools and partners of your event and transform your planning workflow. 

  1. Canva

Canva is a free and widely used online graphic design platform. Event organizers love Canva because it’s so easy to use, with no design skills required. You can use its tool suite to create engaging graphics and video for social media, email, posters, and more. The site hosts thousands of free-use and premium-rate templates, filters, images, video and fonts to help you design any creative you need for your event. Canva has become so popular it now generates more than 3,000 designs a minute. Learn how to get started creating your event marketing with Canva

  1. Hootsuite

Once you have designed marketing assets to promote your event, you can use Hootsuite to manage your social media calendars across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, WordPress and LinkedIn. The software allows you to easily schedule and monitor your social media accounts. View trending conversations and topics making it easier to create relevant content and drive interest to your event.

  1. Monday.com

Event organizers need a project management tool they can rely on. Monday.com is just that. Designed with marketers and creatives in mind, it provides a single space to plan, track and organize entire teams and projects, keeping your event organized from start to finish. The site hosts special tools and templates for organizers hosting one or more events. You can capture and track tasks and projects for an entire event calendar, or dive into the finer details of single events. The site allows you to create and share forms, compile contact lists, communicate with team members, and share updates with event partners and vendors.


And, one more for luck – Ticketbud

Create an event website and start selling tickets in less than 5 minutes with Ticketbud. Ticketbud is a user-friendly ticketing platform with all-inclusive pricing and customer support. Organizers are in control with flexible payout options providing early access to funds. We provide great tools and integrations for managing, promoting and selling tickets for your event, with comprehensive event data and reporting. 

It’s free to get started and we make ticketing easy so you can focus on your event. Use our intuitive event page template to plug-in all your event information; create and sell multiple ticket types on your automated schedule with our ticket editor; and connect to a trusted payment processor of your choosing to begin collecting funds. With the flexibility to customize (including white-label solutions), event organizers worldwide trust Ticketbud.