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August 13, 2019  •  by Lisa Carson

Event Ticketing Just Got Easier

Ticketbud Launches an Intuitive New Interface for Event Organizers

“It’s a great time to use Ticketbud for event ticketing. This thing sings”.

Kayhan Ahmadi, CEO of Ticketbud

In the first half of 2019 Ticketbud announced a series of platform advancements to improve the ticket buyer experience.  

Ticketbud is now excited to announce the launch of our redesigned interface for event organizers. This update takes the user experience to the next level, making the event setup and management process more intuitive and user-friendly with enhanced design and functionality. 


The Redesign Includes:

  • Unified Modern Interface and Intuitive Menu Structure – designed for a consistent experience, making it easy for organizers to navigate the platform and manage events.    
  • Enhanced Account Dashboard – the event organizers control room gives complete oversight of all information, activity and reporting across all events.
  • Improved Event Dashboard – manage details and access live reporting for individual events. Mobile optimized to improve the experience for event organizers on the go.   
  • Improved Search Functionality – find orders fast across all your events. Particularly valuable to organizers with multi-day events.

2019 Platform Updates:

These advancements are a result of close consultation with customers and Ticketbud’s continued commitment to improving the customer experience.

Modern New Event Pages

  • Mobile optimized to maximize sales on mobile devices. 
  • Easy edit functionality allows you to create an event page in minutes with real time preview of how the event page looks to ticket buyers. 
  • Showcase your brand with a large display banner, customizable event details and media.
  • Feature other upcoming events and maximize cross promotion
Ticketbud Mobile Images

Mobile Optimized Checkout 

Reduce friction at checkout and sell more tickets with a purchase process designed for mobile.

Organization Pages

Showcase all your events in one place. Ideal for organizations with multiple events or multi-day events. 

“This newly updated and mobile optimized ticketing platform has been our largest and most important project under my tenure as CEO. We’ve taken the Ticketbud ticketing platform to the next level with an intuitive and enhanced user experience for event organizers. It’s dynamic, flexible, and  will support all the powerful integrations we are going to be launching. Combined with previous updates focused on the ticket purchase experience, such as our mobile optimized event pages and checkout experience, it’s a great time to use Ticketbud for event ticketing. This thing sings”. 

Kayhan Ahmadi, CEO of Ticketbud.

It’s free to sign up and get started on Ticketbud today. You can also request a personal walkthrough demo with a Ticketbud Team Member.