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July 17, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Tips to Make the Life of an Event Planner Easier

high school reunion, most people don’t really give a second thought to how much work the planning of that event actually took. The life of an event planner can be hectic, chaotic and downright stressful. Here are four simple tips to aid in making that life a little easier. 1.)    Create a Team– Being an event planner means sometimes having to do difficult things in what seems to be an impossible amount of time, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Every super hero needs a sidekick…or five. The bigger your event is, the more help you will need. Gather your super team, lay out the plan of attack and divide and conquer. 2.)    Make Lists– This may seem trivial and basic, however, you would be surprised to find how many Planners get out of the habit of doing it because they become so accustomed to going through the motions. So write everything down. Make your to do lists and write down epiphanies and ideas when they first come to mind so you don’t risk losing anything important. Whether it’s making a note in your phone, recording it on a hand held device or writing down quickly before going to sleep at night, WRITE IT DOWN. 3.)    Online Ticketing- Using event ticketing, such as Ticketbud, online can not only save you money but it can also ease the communication between you and your attendees. Selling tickets online will help your event look more professional, and with Ticketbud it’s easy to use! 4.)    Sponsorships– Having you a sponsor is always a plus, especially if you are strapped for cash. If you are asking them personally, create a relationship with the sponsor before just asking for their services. Talk to them, get to know them, and do your homework before hand to show them that you know a lot about their company. Think warm, friendly inquiry vs. a request from a stranger. Having sponsors can lead to possible partnerships in the future as well as allowing your event to have a community impact and it will expand the sponsor’s marketing and advertising, which they will really appreciate. Most importantly for you is the added money! photo credit: Mike Rohde via photopin cc Keeping these straightforward tips in mind with your future event planning endeavors should prove to make your life a little more stress free and a lot less complicated.]]]]> ]]>