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July 10, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

How to Begin Planning a Perfect Fundraising Event

tips to help you get started and on your way:   1.)    Know your Purpose and know your Passions– Ask yourself two questions: What is my purpose? What am I passionate about? The answers to these questions will give you the jump start that you need. Figure out if your purpose is to raise money, awareness, or publicity for your organization or possibly a mixture. This will help you iron out details of how you envision your event going. If the cause you are fundraising for is something that you are enthusiastic about it will come across in the work that you do and encourage people to take part. Passion can be contagious! 2.)    Get Noticed- From your creative event theme to your advertising for the event, don’t just grab people’s attention DEMAND it! Try to be original with your theme so it can be a new and fun experience for your guests. When it comes to advertising and marketing think about using social networks to help get the word out on a mass stage, using your organization’s fundraising network, or even the old fashion mailed invitation. You’d also be surprised by how far word of mouth can get you! 3.)    Ticket Price- When deciding the price of your tickets, keep in mind what your value is for everything you are offering your guests. From the venue and food/ beverages to the entertainment, the price per ticket should be reasonable. Try to compare to other similar successful fundraisers if you need. 4.)    Selling Tickets- Deciding how to handle your event ticketing can be tricky. Whether you use online ticketing or sell tickets personally, know what would work best for your event. A tip to help you decide one way or the other is to think about how many different options for ticket prices there are. For instance, will you have a special Early Bird rate (which will be an awesome way to boosts sales!)? Will there be an option to purchase VIP tickets? Will you have the option for people to make donations if they are unable to attend? Selling tickets online has become a fast and easy way to take care of all your different ticketing needs! Planning a fundraiser should be enjoyable and as straightforward as possible. A great place to start would be using Ticketbud to create and sell tickets for your fundraising event! Using these simple tips for planning your fundraiser will have you rolling in no time, good luck! photo credit: pamlau.com via photopin cc]]]]> ]]>