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May 22, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

How to Collect RSVPs and Register Guests For Your Free Event

Create Event[/caption] Even if you are hosting a free event, you can still benefit from online event ticketing services such as Ticketbud. One advantage of registering guests online with Ticketbud is that the service provides you with a free, easy way to keep track of the data and information from your guests through an RSVP feature. By collecting RSVP’s and registering guests online with Ticketbud, you can learn guest preferences, generate buzz around your event, and have guests check-in in real time. All at no cost to you and your organization! Learn Guest Preferences [caption id="attachment_8575" align="alignright" width="383" caption="Require additional registration information to become better acquainted with attendee preferences."][/caption] To create your free event RSVP list, first set your ticket price at $0 so that the service remains free. Once you’ve set your ticket price and created your event, you will will have the option to customize guest registration data which can help you understand guest expectations. With customized guest registration data, you can require guests to answer questions about their preferences such as why they are attending the event and what they hope to get out of it. By asking guests questions during online event registration, you can learn how to best tailor your event to fit attendee expectations. Generate Buzz Around Your Event When creating your event and setting ticket preferences, you can import your own guest list and print out lists of those who register to attend. In the event registration section, you can also choose to show guests how many tickets are available at the start of the event and how many tickets are available at any given point. Importing guest lists and displaying the number of tickets available gives potential attendees an idea of how many people are interested in the event and how fast tickets are selling. The RSVP list gives events a more official image and can create more demand for and buzz around your event by enticing potential attendees to register before the event tickets expire. Have Guest Check-In in Real Time After you’ve entered all of your event information, you can access an overview of your event, including a ticket sale summary and options such as “View Ticket Sales” and “Check Guests In.”  The “Check Guests In” feature allows any guest with a ticket to  your event to check in upon their arrival, providing you and other attendees with real-time data. You and your guests will be able to quickly see how fast guests are checking in, who is actually showing up, and what times attendees are arriving. [caption id="attachment_8576" align="aligncenter" width="508" caption="Allow guests to check-in in real time by clicking the "Check In Guests" option."][/caption]   The next time you are hosting a free event, and need to collect RSVP’s and register guests online, look no further than Ticketbud!  ]]]]> ]]>