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March 16, 2020  •  by Lisa Carson

Coronavirus Update (COVID-19)

We understand this is an uncertain time for everyone, impacting event organizers and event goers worldwide. We know you may have questions, and as always we’re here for you every step of the way.

Recommendations for Ticket Holders

Watch Event Pages for Updates and Reach Out to Event Organizers for their Current Event Status

To learn the status of an event you have tickets for, please first check the event page where you bought the tickets. If there is no update there, reach out to the event organizer. Every event page on Ticketbud has a Contact Organizer button.

Some event organizers using our ticketing platform are postponing events, some are cancelling, we don’t have a complete status for all of them. If you have questions about event status or refunds, the event organizer is best placed to answer. Please be patient, as you can imagine there are a lot of enquiries heading their way.

What does it mean if my recent refund is listed as a partial refund?

Recommendations for Ticketbud Event Organizers

Stay Informed and Communicate

We understand this is a tough time for our event organizers. We want to reassure you that we are here to help, and you can reach out to us if you have questions or need advice.

Stay Informed – Keep up to date with news from local public health officials in your area, as event restrictions and advice is being updated daily. Up to date advice about gatherings is provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Communicate with your attendees – Ticketbud is receiving calls from ticket holders regarding event cancellations. We recommend updating your event page to let people know if your event is currently still going ahead or if it’s postponed or cancelled. We recommend highlighting your refund policy to reduce email enquiries. 

Ensure best hygiene practices –  For events that are not cancelling, please take steps to ensure good hygiene standards for your guests. Make hand sanitizer available for guests. Encourage guests to regularly and thoroughly wash their hands, and ask them not to participate if they’re unwell with cold/flu symptoms. 

Good hygiene practices you can share. 

Handling Postponements, Cancellations and Refunds

We want to support you to make the best decision for your event, whether that’s postponing, cancelling, or moving to an online or virtual option.

Postponing Events 

If you need to postpone your event to a later date, you can simply change the date and also halt ticket sales. As a best practice, first, we recommend using the Email Attendees tool to let your customers know of the event postponement.

You can change the date and time of your event on the Edit Event Page of your Event Dashboard. If you are unsure of the new date, reach out to our support team and we can hide the date and time from populating on your event page. Additionally, if you need to halt ticket sales, you can do so with the Close Sales button located on your event dashboard. You can reopen sales at any time.

Upon changing the date and/or closing sales, all tickets sold for the event will remain valid. The QR codes generated on tickets will not change and will be valid for the new date.

Refunding Events 

Review notice about Ticketbud’s updated refund policy.

If your event is cancelled, you can provide customers a refund for their tickets. As a best practice again, first, we recommend using the Email Attendees tool to let your customers know of the event cancellation and refund. Your customers can expect their funds to be credited back to their original method of payment in 3 to 10 business days.

If your event is using WePay or Stripe to process payment, you can simply refund orders via the Orders page on your Event Dashboard. Check out our help article to learn more about issuing refunds. If your event has over 50 orders, reach out to our support team and we can help you issue a batch refund.

If your event is using PayPal to process payment, you can refund orders by logging into your PayPal account directly. Check out this article on how to issue a refund via PayPal.

Thank You for being a Valued Ticketbud Customer

Events are about connecting people through shared experiences. Ticketbud is proud of our partnerships with charity fundraisers, social, business and community events. We continue to be here for you during this challenging time for the events community.     

Your Ticketbud Team