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December 18, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

New Years Event Confidential: 5 things not to do

new year rolls around, people are becoming concerned about what parties they’ll attend, what they’ll wear, and who they’ll spend it with. No matter what event you attend, we realize that after people have had a couple drinks, they forget what NOT to do. We’ve devised 5 helpful tips of what you shouldn’t do to make sure you don’t become “that person” at whichever party/event you end up at. 1.) Passing out before the ball drops I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen people drink faster than the majority of people pace of the party/event. The “drink till you drop” motto isn’t exactly what you’re aiming for on New Years eve. If your track record for pacing yourself isn’t that great, it’ll be in your best interest to walk around and get a feel for where everyone is at. With that being said, never forget:

  • Celebrating with friends by having drinks while pacing yourself – good idea.
  • Passing out from too many drinks before New Years – bad idea.
  2.) Assuming the person next to you will kiss you If you’re at a New Years party/event and single, do yourself a favor and just enjoy the night. Before New Years hits, it looks awkward if you’re trying to position yourself next to the girl/guy you’ve been attempting to make eye contact with. Just have a good time and enjoy the night. If you end up kissing the person next to you, that’ll make your night even better. If not, don’t worry, there will be other New Years! 3.) Try your best to not be off count when counting down  After a few drinks, some people find it very difficult to count down. If you’re ever in this situation, I would say you have only three good options. The first option is to count quietly, the second option is to wait for the majority of people to start counting, and your third option is to just smile, laugh, and avoid the counting. Just make sure you don’t do stand by yourself and smile awkwardly if you revert to the third option. If you feel like you can’t count, don’t! 4.) Yelling out Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once) Y.O.L.O was the term of the year last year and as it still lingers in our 2013 vocabulary. It only feels right that we leave that term where it belongs: in 2013. For the sake of the party/event you’re attending on New Years eve, yelling out You Only Live Once followed by a stunt of some sort is probably a bad idea. Give the world some hope and ease off the term!     5.)And last, but not least –  When it turns midnight, don’t call the person you’ve secretly loved since high school. After having a few drinks, you start to feel a bit confident. In fact, you’re feeling so confident that you feel the need to tell the girl or boy you had a crush on 5 or 10 years ago that you’re still secretly love them. This is the last major DON’T! Unless you want that alcohol and fun atmosphere to come crashing down around you, put down the phone. The person you want to tell could still very well secretly love you too. If that’s the case, you should send an email/text about catching up sometime. Do yourself and the people around you at your party/event a favor and refrain from the creeper calls. That’s all the tips of what not to do we have for you. Just remember to be safe and have a fun time at whatever event you may be. 2014, here we come! photo credit: ginnerobot via photopin cc]]]]> ]]>