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December 7, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

How To Throw A Party For The "End" of the World!

What are your plans for December 21st? Are you going to stay home and hide from the unknown of what’s to come? Or are you going to take doomsday by the horns and party like there’s no tomorrow? Everyone knows what December 21st means, this is the day where the Mayan Calendar comes to an end and people are predicting the world will come to an end. So, why not host an end of the world party and end it with a bang!

First we must answer the who, the what, and the where. Who are you inviting, what’s the theme of your event, and where’s it going to take place? Since this day is suppose to be the last day ever, why not invite your close friends and family. I really doubt that you want to spend your last day with random strangers. You want to host a fun and exciting party. Now, let’s get to the what and where. They play out hand in hand, so here are several theme suggestions.
  • Alien Theme:  You can decorate your house as if aliens have just invaded your home. Your walls can be decorated with futuristic designs or symbols, crazy out of this world gadgets, and you can even have a fake alien in the doorway holding a space gun to greet your guest. For an outdoor version you can do the whole crop circle idea.
  • Zombie Theme:  You can decorate your home as if it’s a cemetery. The front yard can have tombstones and hands sticking out of the ground. Brains and fake blood can be all over the place. The walls can have smeared bloodstains. You can have a dead body on the ground that has his brains sticking out.
  • Mayan Theme:  You can have a jungle feel to it, you can draw pyramids on your walls, have the Mayan calendar, torches, and skulls. If you are thinking of having it outdoors, it would be amazing and a special touch to have pyramid in the middle of the area.
  • Asteroid Theme:  This can be really fun. If you are having it indoors you can cover your walls in the color black, then you can draw asteroids. To make it pop out you can have glow in the dark colors so if you have a black light it will stand out even more. You can have several rocks scattered one the ground, draw buildings and have them be on fire. Right in the middle of the room you can have a paper mache asteroid hanging.
  For more ideas on how you can decorate your End of the World party you can visit Ticketbud’s End of the World Party Board on Pinterest. And if you’re not hosting a party or going to one and just so happen to be near New Orleans why not go to The Ultimate 12/21/2012 Party, The Cosmic Convergence Festival hosted by Giorgio A. Tsoukalos himself! Tickets are available at Ticketbud! So let’s party like there’s no To-Maya!]]]]> ]]>