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December 14, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Make Your New Years Eve Party The Place To Be

Have a Countdown Clock Build anticipation for your event and the New Year. As we creep closer and closer to 2013, excitement about New Year’s Eve builds. Harness this excitement by setting up a countdown clock  that counts down the to your party. It’s extremely easy to install countdown clocks from a number of sites.


Add Pictures to Your Event Page!

If you have any videos or photos of  your past events, you should highlight them into the your website and event page. This should go without saying but make sure the people in the photos/videos are having a good time. This gives your guest a preview of what to expect. If you don’t have any pictures from past events try adding pictures of what you plan to do, people like pictures.

Have Your Own Signature Cocktails

Of course there will plenty of bubbly flowing but by having specialty cocktails  are a great way to make your party be distinguished from the rest. Have fun with it, have the cocktail names go along with your theme to enhance the theme. Make it unique and exciting but also be sure to make it practical. This also give you a chance to use some creativity and try out a bunch of different mixes and justifying it by saying you’re working. Regardless of the signature cocktail you feature  be sure to include an appropriate amount of wine, beer and of course champagne.  

 Offer Your Guest Perks!

Right on your event page offer your guests  special upgrades like; Check-In Specials Let your guest advertise for you. We all know the power of social media and there is only so much you can do through your own social media website. By having your guest check in it gives your event more visibility and exposure. Also this is a more effective type of advertising than a simple generic flyer. Early Bird Specials Everybody loves a good deal. Apart from offering your guest a deal, you will also get a sense of what to expect for your event. It’s a great opportunity to make any changes before it’s too late.  

Theme Parties

 While themed parties might seem like a bit of a gimmick, there’s evidence that having a great theme can help make a party more popular and talked about.
Silver & Gold Party
 No everything that glitters is gold but it sure does look nice.
End of the World 
If we make it to the New Year by surviving Dec. 21 we need to celebrate!!
Glow in the Dark Party
Glow in the dark parties are really fun, things look really cool when it’s dark. (Tip: Tonic water glows in the dark, try making Tonic Ice Cubes)
Masquerade Ball Party
Give your guest a chance to dress up a little and add a bit of mystery to the night.

Be Aware of Other Parties

There are parties going on everywhere, and they are all trying to make theirs as unique and popular as yours. You don’t want to have the same theme as the club next door, be aware of inviting the same crowd. Get your guest involved find out what they want and what they are looking for. Don’t assume your event is the only one happening that night with that theme.
Make sure your party is a success by following these and other tips available on our Ticketbud Blog, because there’s nothing worse than putting in all that work and money just to have your party be a bust.  So make sure you avoid that from happening to you by keeping these tips in mind.
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