Sell Class Reunion Tickets

How long Has it been since you’ve had the perfect Ticket Platform?

Ticketbud has the user management functionality class reunion organizers need to handle the challenges of making sure everyone who should be invited actually gets an invitation, and keeping track of all the responses, even when organizers have limited time and are located far away from one another.

  • Keep track of attendees with our full analytics tool suite.
  • Create event pages that convert interest into sales and attendance using social media integrations, photos, and email
  • Sell tickets effortlessly with full payment processing integrations in nearly any currency. Sell ticket bundles, use tiered-pricing, and any other method to maximize attendance.

Ticketbud has everything you need to manage tickets for your Class Reunion:

  • Referral and tracking codes give your marketing materials and promotional campaigns added power
  • Share your event with your old friends via email or social media – all through Ticketbuds promotional tools.
  • You have the option to check-in attendees via Ticketbud’s mobile scanning app.