Ticketbud for Organizations

Whether it’s ten locations or ten thousand, Ticketbud for Organizations enables multi-location organizations to easily launch and manage successful national event campaigns.


Why Ticketbud for Multi-Venue?

Producing events across different locations is hard. Personnel changes happen all the time. Ticket sales reporting is a hassle when you use traditional systems that weren’t built to handle your needs.

Ticketbud for Multi-Venue Organizations empowers you to oversee all your events, analyze performance, and generate more revenue. From streamlining event manager communication to automating nationwide rollouts, Ticketbud for Organizations removes inefficiencies by providing the complete turnkey solution. Using Ticketbud, companies worldwide have discovered that holding events at multiple locations is easy to do and profitable.


Run A Seemless National Campaign

Ticketbud for Organizations is built to handle national event campaigns across all of your locations. Create consistent consumer offerings, messaging, branding, for your event. Give your operators the flexibility for each location to set their own fees, taxes and revenue payouts.

Centralized Control and Reporting. Location Specific Flexibility.

You need oversight for your entire event campaign. Ticketbud for Organizations is the only platform able to give it to you. Ticketbud for Organizations offers three levels of reporting so that headquarters, franchises, and individual locations get access to the information they need most.


Sales and revenue reports with digital marketing tools that give you a bird’s eye view of the entire campaign, with the ability to dig into each individual store as needed.

Franchise Locations

Sales and revenue reports and digital marketing tools for all of the specific franchise locations.

Individual Locations

Managers can see sales and use digital marketing tools for their own location.


The Sky’s The Limit

There’s no limit to what type of events you can throw with Ticketbud for Organizations. You can easily roll out campaigns in anticipation of national pay-per-view events. While Twitterstorms are brewing between fighters, you’re selling tickets! Tournament time is an opportunity to bring patrons in-store and keep your brand top-of-mind.

Build holiday packages to attract family for events for Easter, Halloween and New Years. Enable store manager or Franchise groups to hold events that engage with the local community.

Multi-Venue Organization Testimonial

“Ticketbud has been a great tool for our event planning office as it provides streamlined communication between guest and venue to secure reservations. I love that we can communicate last minute details through email to all ticket purchasers.”

 Jacki Mylenek Regional Sales Manager, Dave & Busters


Boost Your Brand With In-Store Events.

It’s hard to build a brand or customer loyalty when patrons opt to order online or get their food delivered via a profit-reducing delivery app. Events bring customers in-store to have an experience. From your end, you have an opportunity to upsell, drive additional store revenue, and create a positive brand association. Upfront ticket costs help direct customers to new menu options, add-ons, and create follow-through.


Guided Setup for Your Organization Structure.

Our team builds out your organization structure. Administrators have full access control and complete financial reporting. Your marketing team has access to powerful digital marketing tools for audience building, analytics, CRM integration, email campaigns and retargeting. Individual location operators get access via their corporate email linked to their own location-specific events. Payments can flow to a central bank, individual banks for each location, or accounts linked to select franchise groups.

Ticketbud for organizations works directly with you to set up your events, train your team for frictionless national campaigns.


Security to Give Your Team Confidence.

Ticketbud has bank-level data encryption and runs in the cloud. We’re fully compliant with PCI-DSS 3.0, a rigorous safety standard. You’re safe with us. All credit card information is processed in a completely safe environment and cannot be retrieved. There’s a reason we’ve earned the trust to process over $35 million in ticket purchases.

From an administrative view, you have complete control over sales notifications, collaborators, and event access.


Take Your Organization To The Next Level.

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