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May 4, 2010  •  by Jane Carter

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Yahoo Answers:

What are the top websites to use to sell tickets online to small events?

I have a small corporate event coming up and want to sell tickets to it. It’s just internal employees and is not open to the public, but we need to sell tickets because the proceeds go to our charity organization. I’d like something simple that doesn’t cost anything. Ideas? I looked at Ticketleap.com but that is way too expensive. Best Answer -posted by JB, Chosen by Asker
Yes you are correct about Ticketleap it is turning into a standard ticketing website just like the 15,000 other ones out there. There are two I would recommend based on what I think you are looking for both are almost identical, the only difference is one is really polished to work with and the other one is a little bit more craigslist style but the end result is almost identical and that’s your event page for your guests to buy tickets. The first one, I stumbled upon recently is Ticketbud.com it is the fastest site I have seen yet to put in your event details and then be selling tickets. I have created just one but it only took me like one minute and I was selling tickets. The big advantage of Ticketbud is that it only costs $19.99 one time flat fee and you can sell as many tickets as you want for that event. This is what attracted me to it since my events have about 40-50 people. But be forewarned, it is much more utilitarian, like a simple evite page you get from someone. The second one is Eventbrite.com at it is a very polished, professional looking site and has a lot of extra features that you can use if you are doing a larger event and need more registration detail. The site is smooth and clean to work with, especially the invitation feature. The downside is that, at least for me are their fees. Not as bad as Ticketleap but you have to pay a dollar per ticket PLUS 2.5% of the ticket price. So if you sell a hundred tickets you owe them more than $100 bucks and with Ticketbud it’s $19.99. The Event pages that you get from both sites are almost identical, so if you are having a smaller event under 100 people I would go with Ticketbud. If you have a larger event over 100 people and don’t care so much about fees, I would go with Eventbrite. Both are very good quality sites to sell tickets to little events. Source(s):eventbrite.com, ticketbud.com, ticketleap.com
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