Ticketbud Empowers Live Shows to Maximize Revenue through Direct Ticketing

The event ticketing landscape is coming under increased scrutiny. Last week there was a call for a federal investigation of the online ticketing industry, citing the Ticketmaster-Live Nation stronghold. “Americans...have grown sick and tired of the sky-high fees.” A Government Accountability Office report found that on average, fees are more than 25 percent of ticket prices and are often not visible until late in the buying process. This is bad for ticket buyers, event producers and artists, everyone except the ticketing company. 

While big named artists often have their ticketing tied up with a venue, coordinated by Ticketmaster and Live Nation. Artists that are free to choose ticketing have the opportunity to maximize their revenue, data and contact lists. 

This has lead more performing artists and event producers to ticket their events directly, with Ticketbud emerging as a popular choice for live shows.

“With our commitment to transparent pricing, low all-inclusive fees and early access to funds, Ticketbud empowers performing artists to maximize revenue through direct ticketing. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to sell tickets online”.

Ticketbud CEO Kayhan Ahmadi

4 Reasons Live Shows are Choosing Ticketbud 

  1. Data ownership - complete access to event data and attendee contact information 
  2. Early payouts - access to funds before the event to cover upfront costs
  3. Transparent all-inclusive low rates - including all features and ongoing customer support
  4. Mobile optimization - convert more sales on mobile, where people are searching for live shows 

Recently on the Joe Rogan Experience, popular comedian Andrew Schulz expressed frustration over ticketing companies with unnecessarily high fees, who are also holding on to valuable event data and attendee contact information. 

The value of owning the data and audience contact information from your events cannot be overstated. Your data insights and direct access to your audience is key to being able to grow your following as an artist. You need to know who your audience is to be able to connect with them. Don’t pay extra for your own data.

With more comedians and live shows making the move to Ticketbud, we recently invited NYC comedian and producer Joe Hill onto our Ticketbud Tidbits podcast. A key factor in Joe’s switch to Ticketbud was the early access to funds before the event. Early payouts are a game changer, due to the upfront costs of organizing and promoting shows. With Ticketbud you don’t pay more for this. 

Ticketbud’s all-inclusive flat rate pricing means that there’s one rate for everyone. As soon as you sign up for Ticketbud you instantly gain access to all features and ongoing customer support, with no additional charges. There are no monthly or yearly subscription fees, if you don’t make money, we don’t make money. It’s in our interest to give you the best platform, with the features, tools and support to sell more tickets. 

Ticketbud is also mobile optimized, which is important for converting ticket sales on mobile devices. Most consumers are researching shows and events on mobile, a smooth ticketing experience from event page through to purchase helps maximize sales. 

Ticketbud offers price transparency: 

2% ticketing fee +0.99c service charge per ticket sold

+2.9% payment processor fee

With discounts available for non-profits, educational institutions and students.

Be aware of ticketing providers who use fee structures that leave you paying much more than expected for the basic services you need. Enticed by entry level packages, you will soon find there are additional fees for customer service, being able to offer more than one ticket type (a must for effective ticket programming), the ability to sell tickets on your own website, customizable forms, access to detailed analytics and early payouts before your event.

Why pay more for this when it all comes as standard with Ticketbud?

It’s free to sign up and get started on Ticketbud. You don’t pay anything until you start selling tickets, and even then you have the option to build ticketing fees into your ticket prices.