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September 4, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Spotlight: UTOPiAfest 2012

Ticketbud is proud to spotlight UTOPiAfest! UTOPiAfest is a campout festival in Utopia, Texas, that will take place on September 28-30. More than twenty renowned artists like Dr. Dog, Victor Wooten, Jimmy Herring and Ben Kweller will all be there performing live! Utopia: A perfect world. UTOPiAfest: A perfect festival. Set in the scenic West Texas Hill Country in a natural amphitheater on the 1,000-acre Four Sisters Ranch,  UTOPiAfest is “a true alternative to the large multiple-stage festivals that often favor quantity over a quality audience experience.”  With only two stages and less than 2000 tickets being sold, fans will have plenty of space to dance and enjoy full sets by world-touring bands from a variety of genres. UTOPiAfest is thoughtfully designed to allow creativity, music, and new friendships to flourish in a unique and intimate setting. Jamie Brown, Executive Producer of UTOPiAfest, sat down with Ticketbud to share his experiences with the festival and why he believes UTOPiAfest is a festival unlike any other: Why did you choose for it to be at the West Texas Hill Country? How have fans responded to this shift away from traditional music festivals that typically have many more stages and attendees?    The Hill Country chose us.  Travis Sutherland (festival founder) started UTOPiAfest in 2009 on the beautiful 1200 acre ranch he grew up on.  I have been a part of the fest since 2011.  Once you get out to the property, you cannot deny the scale of the hills.  Nature has become a commodity for the digital age, and we are here to supply that demand.  Fans have responded with great appreciation that we are doing something different than the huge $ grossing festivals.  This is something real, with heart, our fans say they will attend for the rest of their life. My immediate reaction, to seeing a few pictures and video of UTOPiAfest, is that this is an all indie music festival. Could you tell me why someone who is indifferent to indie music should go to UTOPiAfest? Although UTOPiAfest is an independent fest with some indy music, we have something for everybody.  Music from all over the world, covering all genre’s, but people really come for the experience.  It is really hard to describe the experience, but our festival is where people meet, talk, dance, and get to know each other.  The camping is truly a bonding experience.  You will know what I mean when you hear everybody howling as the full moon rises behind the Aarowhead stage. What is the atmosphere like throughout the festival? What should a new-comer expect? A newcomer to UTOPiAfest should expect to be blow away by the hills you have to drive through to get into the gates.  Also, the people are so friendly.  Everyone is talking to everyone.  You might not know everybody on the line-up, but you will not be disappointed.  We book our talent based on who we want to see. Tell us about how you will support the charities listed on the UTOPiAfest website ( Will proceeds from the event go to these organizations? We donate a portion of the proceeds to the charities listed on our page.  We like to donate time and money to the less fortunate.  It is amazing knowing that we can produce a music festival while benefiting people on the other side of the world. What is your favorite part of UTOPiAfest? My favorite part of UTOPiAfest is the camping.  I go to Utopia once a month and I have never slept in a bed.  Waking up to lightning bugs and wild horses in your open air teepee is an experience to remember.  Every time I camp, I have another experience that reminds me why we make UTOPiAfest happen year after year.   Ticketbud is proud to be provide online ticketing for UTOPiAfest, and we encourage you to come out for the time of your life! Tickets for this incredible event are going fast so be sure to buy your UTOPiAfest tickets soon!

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