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May 24, 2019  •  by Lisa Carson

Ticketbud Wins Austin A-List Award

Austin’s innovative and entrepreneurial community was out in force for the Austin A-List Awards, held on Thursday May 23 at ACL Live, Moody Theatre in Austin, TX.

Hosted by the Austin Chamber of Commerce in partnership with SXSW, the 2019 Austin A-List Awards included 165 businesses nominated for homegrown innovation.

The Ticketbud Team were thrilled to walk away with this award.

Ticketbud Team – Meredith Smith, Alex Levine and Lisa Carson.

Years ago, I was inspired by the motto of my Alma Mater, “My Heart is in the Work.” Winning the Austin A-list Award brings that motto to life for the entire Ticketbud team. Austin is truly a hub for innovation and receiving this distinction amongst our peers is really special for me and the entire team. This team stands behind our product. We put our names on what we do, working hard to drive innovation, and stand apart in a crowded marketplace. Ticketbud has come a long way in the last couple of years. We have built an amazingly powerful and scalable ticketing platform. This award validates our hard work, the risks that we overcame, and all of our collective efforts. The team and I are looking forward to driving the next level innovation in our industry to optimize events and empower event organizers. We remain enthusiastic, eager, and humble as our best work is yet to come.

Kayhan Ahmadi, Ticketbut CEO

The Austin A-List Awards is about acknowledging Austin’s homegrown innovative and entrepreneurial community.

In addition to the three main award categories (Start-up, Mid-sized and Scale), awards were also given to organizations with Outstanding Culture. These were awarded to homegrown stars Bumble, Capital Factory and Notley.

The Ticketbud Team is extremely proud to be acknowledged in this way amongst so many innovative homegrown businesses. Our team is made up of a passionate group of people dedicated to providing a great service, continuing to innovate with new features, and growing as an organization.

Ticketbud Continues to Innovate

Ticketbud is committed to continuous improvement with ongoing product updates being announced. We have overhauled our interface to significantly improve the customer experience. We now have a mobile optimized experience, creating a frictionless purchase process for ticket buyers from event page to checkout, maximizing ticket sales. This gives event organizers the best tools to sell tickets where their customers are, on their mobile devices.

We are also the first ticketing platform in the US to integrate with Event Protect. This ensures our event organizers can protect their investment by covering their ticket revenue in the case of unforeseen cancellation. This is also a selling point for organizers, who can reassure ticket buyers that their ticket is protected against unforeseen cancellation, such as extreme weather.

How is Ticketbud Different?

Anyone who has ever organized an event will tell you there are a lot of moving parts in planning and execution. Having early access to ticket revenue and live customer support is paramount to event optimization. Ticketbud is more than a just a ticketing platform, we are a ticketing partner. A successful event is one where both parties are aligned on delivering results.

Ticketbud is a user friendly, all-in-one event management and ticketing platform with all-inclusive pricing and real customer support. We make ticketing easy so you can focus on your event.

Key market problems we identified in the event ticketing industry were:

  • Lack of pricing transparency
  • Lack of real customer service
  • Event revenue only accessible after completion of an event

Ticketbud offers affordable and transparent pricing.

Ticketbud rates are all-inclusive. Our customers can take advantage of free tools and features and we don’t charge extra for live customer support.

Plus, free events will always be free.

We ensure access to real human customer support. Even for the little guy!

Our customer support is what sets us apart from other providers. We are there every step of the way.  All Ticketbud customers regardless of size get access to customer support.

We offer early access to funds.

Ticketbud organizers have flexible payout options with the ability to select daily, weekly, or monthly payouts, freeing up funds for pre-event expenses.