November 16, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Ticketbud Tracks: Jack Meredith

Ticketbud Tracks: Jack Meredith, Business Development

Ticketbud’s Jack Meredith shares his playlist of songs that he enjoys during a night out at the bars.  Jack’s tastes are all over the place though he primarily like upbeat songs when going out.  He also enjoys stuff thats borderline goofy and over the top.  There’s some club rap, a couple singalongs, and some jams from across the pond since he spent some time over there the past couple of summers.  Enjoy! 1.) Blur – Girls & Boys Bet you kids didn’t know Blur released another song other than “that Wohoo song from an old FIFA videogame”.  While that song is great in its own right, I like this one better.  This was right when Blur was breaking out in the mid 90’s and began their rivalry with Oasis for the #1 Britpop band.  “Girls & Boys” is what I picture myself listening to before going out to get the adrenaline going.  Its got a great bassline and even made Thome York wish he had written it. 2.) Outkast – ATLiens This is a classic.  “ATLiens” has one of those memorable choruses that sticks around in popular culture years after its released even if no one knows where it originally came from.  Both Andre 3000 and Big Boi trade verses over a great beat that really carries the song.  Each sample hits just at the right time, great stuff. 3.) Kanye West – Christian Dior Denim Flow Kanye’s discography is full of club bangers but I feel like this one didn’t get the recognition it deserved mainly because it didn’t make the final cut for My Dark Twisted Fantasy.  “Christian Dior Denim Flow” is a 7 minute long posse cut where Kanye decides to include a bunch of his friends regardless of their talent.  It makes for an entertaining ride as you get to hear a variety of artists on each verse.  Kanye’s production is what makes everything click on this one. 4.) Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand  This is one of those songs that you find a tad bit annoying when you are sober but then after you hear it about 50 times while spending a weekend in Amsterdam you begin to fall in love.  Its repetitive but that’s the point.  These guys had to know that millions of drunks around the world were going to be hooked since the song is easy to memorize.  Drunks love songs that don’t involve more than two or three words. 5.) Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage I hadn’t heard this song in years until I found it rummaging through my music library.  Much like the “Barbara Streisand”, “Danger! High Voltage” is pretty goofy.  Example lyrics: “Fire at the disco/ Fire at the…Taco Bell”.  Its another one of those songs that you can achieve optimal enjoyment with after a couple pints.  From a credibility standpoint, this song rocks because Jack White has uncredited backup vocal duties.  You can hear him sing these asinine lyrics the entire time. 6.) Macklemore – Thrift Shop “Thrift Shop” is probably the newest song on here and I have a feeling its going to blow up at some point.  I saw Macklemore recently at Fun Fun Fun Fest and had no idea who he was prior to the festival.  He put on an entertaining show and had a lot of energy throughout the set.  This song bumps and sounded even better live.  Rapping about buying clothes from a thrift shop is kind of weird but who cares when your 10 drinks deep? 7.) Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack I heard “Return of the Mack” for the first time last year while at the gym.  I immediately dropped my 5 pound weights in awe.  Mark Morrison has a unique voice, probably because he’s a British dude singing R&B music.  It took me a long time to figure out who this was as I couldn’t understand a word he was saying.  That didn’t matter though.  This is up there in the “This is How We Do it” and “Bump n’ Grind” echelon of cheesy R&B that is still fun enough to party to.  You can’t really appreciate this song until you see the music video so here it is. 8.) Ram Jam – Black Betty Ram Jam’s “Black Betty” is a song you listen to when attending a NASCAR race.  Ideally, you would be working on your farmer’s tan while drinking whichever watered down beer they sell at the track.  Its repetitive.  Its catchy.  Its got a decent guitar solo.  Kenny Powers would be proud. 9.) Santigold – Disparate Youth I saw Santigold at a day party during SXSW last year.  Funny enough, this song is something I would expect to hear at a day party.  Its got kind of this tropical thing going for it that makes you feel like going to the beach.  The beat also has some bite that gives the song an aggressive feel which I really like.  I’m indifferent to Santigold’s voice, I’ve always been more of a sucker for the backing music anyways. Well that’s it.  Go check out the Spotify playlist, maybe I’ll add more later on.  All of this writing has made me thirsty.      ]]]]> ]]>