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October 1, 2019  •  by Lisa Carson

Ticketbud Enhances Ticket Scanning, Ensuring Faster Event Check-in

Ticketbud has launched a new version of our event check-in app, with enhanced scanning that ensures a quicker and smoother check-in process. This fast reliable ticket scanning is particularly valuable for high volume festivals and events.

Our commitment to working closely with Event Organizers includes hands on experience at events, to identify pain points and opportunities first hand, as well as field testing new updates. This feedback leads to continued product and service improvements such as this latest enhancement. 

Ticket scanning and access control is a major challenge for events with high volume ticket sales after gates open. Mobile checkout optimization has made it easier for attendees to buy tickets as they approach the gate. Ticketbud’s newly updated iOS and Android mobile apps are specifically optimized to handle those last minute ticket purchases, without disrupting check-in scanning at high volume events. 

“While working on-site with partners we identified the need to quickly and reliably scan tickets purchased as recently as 30 seconds ago, while the attendee was in line. Wi-fi and connectivity is often limited, so we set out to engineer our app to optimize around these last minute, high volume situations”.

Kayhan Ahmadi, Ticketbud CEO. 

The latest app update includes:

  • A significant performance and user experience enhancement
  • Faster ticket scanning with a processing capacity now ideal for large scale events
  • Less data downloading with each update request, ensures efficient scanning even with low internet bandwidth
  • A new offline mode lets you know when the device has lost internet. It will also allow you to scan any tickets that the device has loaded before internet connection was lost
  • Audible sounds added to help identify successful and unsuccessful scans

Additional updates to the check-in experience:

In addition to our latest app updates, we also recently integrated our tickets with Apple Wallet. This integration makes it easier for attendees to store and find their event ticket quickly. We added this feature to keep check-in lines moving faster for attendees and event organizers.

You may also notice we have redesigned our ticket confirmation emails, with QR codes more easily accessible in the main body of the email. This simple solution was identified after witnessing check-in delays due to attendees searching for tickets in attachments and having to enlarge QR codes for scanning.

These latest updates to the Ticketbud check-in experience are all part of our continued commitment to improving the customer experience, by evaluating every step in the customer journey. We aim to ensure both event organizers and ticket buyers continue to enjoy a great product and service. 

Ticketbud’s free mobile check-in app is available on both iOS and Android devices. 

Ticketbud Enhances Ticket Scanning, ensuring Faster Event Check-in
Ticketbud Enhances Ticket Scanning, ensuring Faster Event Check-in

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