Ticketbud Tips and Tools*
August 9, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Ticketbud: A College Org's BFF

event ticketing service that is college friendly when it comes to budget, needs and convenience. We have previously been used by a few University of Texas organizations, such as the Texas Cowboys (click here to catch a peek!) and Darlings, and are looking to spread the wealth! The question is: Why spend more money than necessary on the process that is supposed to be earning it? College student organization leaders know that money tends to spread really thin really fast. Ticketbud offers a simple and easily pricing for our services, and the money you gain from selling your tickets is ALL YOURS! Also, if your organization is doing a charity fundraiser raising money for cancer, you to use Ticketbud for free! Student organizations tend to rely on their ticketing for a number of reasons. With Ticketbud, we keep track of the number of attendees so you know how many people have purchased tickets and will at your event. Planning events, whether they are social or charity-based, can be stressful, especially when partnered with school work and whatever other extra-curricular activities you may have. Selling tickets for your event should be easy and convenient. With Ticketbud, it’s a quick setup so you can immediately start selling and focus on the event itself. Tabling in the West Mall or in front of Gregory gym can be great for advertisement, but not everyone is prepared with cash to buy tickets while walking to and from class. That’s where the convenience of selling your tickets online comes into play, and it’s simple and easy to use. By also using online ticketing with Ticketbud there is less for you to physically keep track of. It’s all online so you can stay organized! From blowout concerts to delicious dinners and silent auctions: whatever your student organization is planning, Ticketbud is here to help!]]]]> ]]>