Customer Stories*
February 11, 2014  •  by Jane Carter

How The Joshua Tree Hosted More Events While Cutting Costs

The Joshua Tree founders, Lynda and David Hill, wanted to create a landscape completely different from the typical, lonely white hospital walls. Opened in 2004, the Cheshire, UK-based children’s charity was built to help “families undergoing extreme stress, fear, bewilderment and isolation following the diagnosis.” “Since the charity team is very small,” explained Charity Manager Jo Pritchard, “the manual administration of [some] events has been horrendously resource heavy.” 487374_10151963725170578_2108767320_nSupported by Ticketbud’s Cancer Commitment, Pritchard and The Joshua Tree knew using the service could save the charity tons of resources, time and money. “The use of Ticketbud has meant we are able to redirect those resources, put on more events and therefore raise more money, as well as the money savings for our original calendar.” The Joshua Tree has continued to use Ticketbud for “smaller events…for around 100 people, and for multi-person teams and individuals…for run events that go into hundreds of runners – all with great satisfaction.” “We can wholeheartedly recommend Ticketbud as easy to use and administrate, and as it is free for Cancer charities too it means we can continue to use it.”]]]]> ]]>