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December 17, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Survival Tips: For The Procrastinator Shopper

Have you been holding off on your Christmas shopping? Crossing your fingers that Santa will come and save the day? Even though that would be a sweet deal, Christmas is a couple of days away and I wouldn’t hold your breathe for good old Saint Nick to come and save you. Last minute shopping can be overwhelming. Everyone is freaking out at stores trying to figure out what gifts to buy and at a fair price! Believe me, we know. So let me help you from panicking and make your shopping a little more pleasant. This is a Ticketbud’s Survival tips for the procrastinator shopper. Tip #1: Make a list I understand you just want to get your list done with, but shopping in general can be intense even more so during the holidays. Make a list of the people you want to get gifts for. Organization is a key; it can help your shopping be smoother. Make a list of stores you think you can find these items, or what you think you want to buy your little niece, nephew, or uncle.   Tip#2: Santa has Rudolph. We have the Internet. The Internet can be your best friend. Not only can you avoid the stores from doing your shopping, but you can also surf the net to see what deals the store has to offer. This can save you time and money. Instead of going back and forth from store to store to see who has the better deal, which I really advise you that this is not a good idea. If you do go without doing your research, use your smart phone there are many apps that help you check out store prices. But if you do not have a smart phone, I really do advise you to surf the net the Internet before you go off to the wonderful world of holiday chaos.   Tip #3: Ready, Set, Go! Once you have done your research and have an idea of what your plan is; now it’s time to hit the stores. Just remember, do not panic and stick to the plan. This is last minute shopping there is a deadline and don’t have much time to be roaming around all the stores. Try to find a store that offers a range of products suitable for everyone, and if you do run out of time it’s ok to get everyone the same gift. Who ever thought of gift cars is a genius. This is a great gift for everyone. Don’t know what size your niece for a sweater? Gift card! Don’t know what little Johnny wants? Gift card! Don’t know what to get Uncle Sam? Yup, gift card! Don’t overthink it, it’s not the gift itself, but the thought that counts.   Last minute Christmas shopping can be annoying, intense, and overwhelming. No one wants to be in crowded stores or wait in those dreadful long checkout lines. Hopefully with our survival tips for the procrastinator shopper it can make your shopping experience a whole lot smoother.]]]]> ]]>