Choosing Online Ticketing
March 19, 2014  •  by Jane Carter

3 Reasons Your Student Org Needs To Graduate To Online Ticketing

Any college student knows that all kinds of events are happening both on and off campus and the price of admission to these events vary from free to inexplicably over-priced.

Several issues attached to traditional admission will easily compromise the reputation of your organization and hurt future attendance. Online ticketing and event management helps relieve some of these issues. Here are 3 big reasons any student organization should use event management


1. Fraud Prevention

The most popular forms of ticketing today for college events are paper or plastic wristbands. These are really easy for the org to distribute but also easy to replicate. Counterfeit ticketing could severely damage both your organization’s reputation and attendance both today and in the future.
Ticketing Horror Story: “I wanted to purchase a wristband for one of the biggest greek parties of the year. The  event was highly anticipated so the price for one of these bad boys was quite high. I looked all over for a price that I could afford. Finally, my friend sold me one for $60.  That night, after waiting in line for two hours, security tore my wristband into pieces and I was escorted out. Turned out the wristband was a fake and he was selling them to unsuspecting party-goers all over campus. Some friend, right?”                                                                                                                                                                             Jeff House, University of Texas

Online event management asks attendees to visit the same link to an event and purchase a unique ticket. This ensures that the organization raises the funds it needs, the attendees get their money’s worth, attend future events and avoid embarrassing situations.



2.Money Collection

 99.9% of student orgs accept cash only. This form of collection is ancient, dangerous and straight unreliable for a few reasons:

-Nowadays, people rarely carry around cash, at least not enough to buy their way into an event. Plastic is the way of the future!

 -ATM’s are hard to come by, expensive and time-consuming.

– Carrying cash leads to misplacement or theft. In this case, everybody loses…

I mean it when I say the struggle is real. However, by using online event management, collecting money through your organization is much simpler, faster and safer. The event host can see who has paid, and keep a running total of the funds including several other useful stats all while payments are securely transferred from attendee to host online.



3.  Online Flexibility

Everyday, countless eyes move towards the internet. If your event has an online presence, its visibility increases exponentially all through internet users’ abilities to find, read, share and repeat.

Its a win-win:
  • As the event organizer, you reap the rewards of online and social media promotion.  The event URL can easily integrated and shared with large groups on Twitter, Facebook  (to name only a few). Work smarter, not harder.
  • As the the attendee, get event tickets quickly and securely, all while interacting with a user-friendly event page.

The internet’s universal nature allows for event promotion and awareness to reach all-time highs. Use it to the advantage of your student org. Use the internet to grow your org’s size and reputation to new heights. You have nothing to lose…

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