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July 18, 2013  •  by Jane Carter

SPOTLIGHT: The Joshua Tree – Part 2

The Joshua Tree hosts a variety of events every year, ranging from coffee mornings and cake bakes to their annual 2.5k Silly Socks Fun Run. The charity also actively encourages people to organize their own events in aid of The Joshua Tree! In the second & final part of our two-part interview with Joshua Tree Charity Manager Jo Pritchard, we discuss the logistics behind the charity’s events, tips for organizing your own events and how a little savings can have a big impact. As part of our Cancer Commitment, Ticketbud is proud to waive fees for all Joshua Tree events and to help save them administrative time and money that could be put to much better use elsewhere.


Ticketbud: What is it like to organize an event for an organization like The Joshua Tree? What tips do you have for organizers out there trying to put together an event to benefit cancer research or cancer relief? Jo Pritchard: Events are hectic, long and pedantic to prepare, tied up in legislation and administration but so fulfilling when all the planning,agonizing and traumas fade as it all comes together on the day to support our Families.  Advice – ‘Just Do It’ I believe is the expression and Aim Big.  Have a plan B and C and D at least!  Take the time to enjoy the moment even the “candle at both ends” emergencies at the last minute – all part of life’s rich tapestry!  Use Ticketbud for all your registration as the admin time it saves is fantastic – autoreplies, records and reports are easy to manipulate and obtainable from any connected device with the relevant login and password TB: A lot of our readers are event throwers on a much smaller scale. What are some “insider” tips you’ve discovered that you can share with our organizers about throwing a successful event? JP: Whatever you are planning it is hard to say how successful it will be.  With detailed research of your market and product, planning, contingency plans and plenty of enthusiasm most events will be 28614_10150201609775578_8378396_nsuccessful.  The first one is a steep learning curve but do it, learn from it and build on it until you find your winning formula.  No need to reinvent the wheel, and share ideas and equipment where you can.  DO NOT GIVE UP and with a little luck it will all be good TB: Is ticket cost a big factor when considering ticket sales? What benefits have you found from using an online ticketing company like Ticketbud? JP: Ticket cost is critical – know your market and competition.  Check you can do the event for that price taking ALL your costs into consideration, including ticketing – all costs come out of the profits so they have to  make it worthwhile.  Ticketbud has saved us admin time and therefore made us money as it has released our volunteers onto other things.  It all comes out of and goes into the same pot in the end.  Anything that reduces the strain on our resources and helps to support our Families is brilliant – so glad we discovered Ticketbud! ____________________________________________________________ For information on how to organize your own events, donate to the charity and more, please visit]]]]> ]]>