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March 22, 2013  •  by Jane Carter

SPOTLIGHT: Pelotonia

One Goal.

Pelotonia has inspired a large community of people, a cancer research center, hundreds of volunteers, thousands of riders, millions of dollars, countless stories of inspiration. Pelotonia’s annual bike ride is now a place of hope, energy and determination to reach one goal: to end cancer.

Since it’s inception, Pelotonia has raised over $42 million in it’s first 4 years, and it is an event that continues to grown.


Ticketbud is proud to Spotlight Pelotonia and their event. Pelotonia Director of Marketing and Communications Krista Dorsten tells us about the organization, their upcoming event and some tips to planning a successful event.

Ticketbud: What is Pelotonia and how did it get started?

Pelotonia: Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour, with one goal, to end cancer.  Pelotonia was founded in the Fall of 2008 by cancer survivor, Tom Lennox after he rode 163 miles with Director of OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center, Mike Caligiuri, across Cape Cod in support of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

TB: Pelotonia has experienced immense success  in such a short time, what or who do you credit that to?

PL: We credit our success leading up to this point, to the individuals that ride, and rally around the cause.  We try to make the experience special for every rider, throughout the entire year, not just during event weekend.

TB: What inspired you to take part in this great cause and organization? What’s your favorite part?

PL: I became interested in joining the Pelotonia team, because I saw the impact the organization has had on the community and I knew I wanted to get involved and really make a difference.  I’d say my favorite part would have to be learning more about the individuals that fight this terrible disease, and those that raise and ride to find a cure.

TB: The big bike ride is in August, what does Pelotonia do the rest of the year to continue to raise money for your goal? how do you keep people engaged and charitable?

PL: Throughout the year, Pelotonia creates awareness and builds excitement through rider recruitment and fundraising efforts.

TB: We are constantly trying to find ways to help our users to get the word out about their event. What have you found to be the most effective way to get the word out about your cause?

PL: Organic marketing and word of mouth are probably the two most effective ways of getting the word out about Pelotonia.

TB: What are some of the goals you’ve set for Pelotonia in the future? What tool have you found to be most helpful to reach those goals?

PL: Our ultimate goal is to raise money for cancer research and ultimately find a cure for cancer.

TB: Ticketbud waives all fees for cancer organizations using our services, how have you found that to be beneficial. What are you able to do with the extra money you saved?

PL: Pelotonia is proud of the fact that 100% of every dollar raised goes directly to fund cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Therefore, this partnership with Ticketbud will allow us to focus on what’s most important, which is ending cancer!

thank you2 We would like to thank Krista Dorsten and everybody at Pelotonia for doing what they do to find the cure. If you would like to take part in the cause by being a rider in the actual Ride or becoming a Virtual Rider you still have time. Ticketbud is proud to sponsor and be partnered with Pelotonia!  ]]]]> ]]>