August 14, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Spotlight: Bread and Circus Supper Club

Ticketbud is pleased to Spotlight Austin’s Bread and Circus Supper Club with their monthly dinner events. Executive Chef, Brenton Schumacher, tells us about this month’s event—Pirate Soiree! Once a month Pink Avocado Catering, uses local, seasonal ingredients to create a fun dinner at Palm Door. Each dinner has a different theme and August is Pirate Soiree, featuring dishes such as Octopus Terrine and Dark Rum Tortuga Cake. Ticketbud had the opportunity to speak with Brenton Schumacher. Here’s what he had to say: [caption id="attachment_12442" align="alignleft" width="326"]online ticketing Chef Brenton Schumacher[/caption] Ticketbud: How did Pink Avocado Catering get involved with Bread and Circus Supper Club? Schumacher: Though we absolutely love designing and personalizing menus for our clients, Bread and Circus Supper Club offered our chefs the opportunity to really think outside of the box. We also wanted to create a fun place for people to enjoy themselves and eat great food. Our mission from the beginning has to been to make inventive multi-course menus, but without the pretention. That’s kind of where the themes come in. It’s important to have fun and not always take everything so seriously. Our space in the Palm Door also just happens to make for the perfect setting. Ticketbud: The food chosen for the event themes is genius! How do you guys come up with such creative menus? Schumacher: Again, our chefs are incredibly inventive and we love the opportunity to flex those culinary muscles. Once we come up with a theme, we typically come together and collectively decide on what dishes we think will complement that theme best. It’s a really fun process. Ticketbud: This month’s theme is Pirate Soiree. What has been your favorite theme so far? Schumacher: We’re very excited about the pirate soiree, but our favorite theme to date has got to be our Seven Deadly Sins dinner. Coming up with a dish that best articulated each sin was amazing and we all really enjoyed the fast pace of cooking a seven-course meal. Ticktbud: How do the guests usually respond to the unique themes? How many people do you usually have to cook for? Schumacher: We typically cook for 60-75 people depending on the menu. Our tables are set up family style so everyone can mingle with those around them. And we don’t want to jinx anything, but the themes have been well received so far! But Austin really helps make it possible. This city and more importantly, our guests, understand what we’re trying to accomplish. We are already building our “regulars” and that’s awesome! It’s always fascinating to see what each person’s favorite dishes are. Everyone chooses something different and that’s the beauty of it. It’s also what makes Bread & Circus Supper Club so rewarding. It’s hard to believe our year anniversary is coming up in September! Online Ticketing If you are an Austinite (or a pirate) who appreciates gourmet food and is looking for an enjoyable dinner on August 15th, then Bread and Circus Supper Club is your answer! Remember, Ticketbud sells tickets for for this monthly event so give it a try. You can buy tickets Here. Photos are property of Paige Newton Photography]]]]> ]]>