January 2, 2014  •  by Jane Carter

SPOTLIGHT: Bob's "Pete" Eviction Benefit

Facing mounting medical bills following cancer surgery and treatment, Bob Hodierne’s friends and family rallied to host a fundraiser to help. Utilizing Ticketbud’s Cancer Commitment, they were able to start collecting donations and selling tickets right away with no ticketing fees! We sat down with organizer Lelica Palecco to talk about organizing a cancer fundraiser, her favorite experiences and why Bob calls his tumor “Pete”. ______________________________________________________________ Ticketbud: Tell us a little bit about your event! Lelica Palecco: I have used Ticketbud for three events now! I’m a musician, back in 2011 I had my album release party. I wanted a way to keep track of ticket sales and have a general head count for my event. Ticketbud allowed me to do that, presell tickets and CD’s before my event and all at a one time low rate! It was so easy working with your company that I had no hesitation when we had unfortunately not one but two Cancer Benefits in the past three years. TB: How did you come to be involved with the event? rsz_img_1931LP: For Chris and Bob’s Benefits it was just something I wanted to do to help them. For Chris we basically had never put anything like that together and we were really happy with raising $4000 to help him offset mounting medical bills. Unforunately Chris passed away approx 5 months after our Benefit for him.  Bob is currently battling a grade 4 brain tumor. He is 47 years young, and my cousins husband. Being that I had done this before with the help of Ticketbud I didn’t hesitate to contact you again and we sprung into action. This time I had the help of over a dozen family members and we were able to pull off a fantastic night filled with music and comedy to help Bob ‘Evict “Pete” the brain tumor FOREVER!’ TB: What led you to choose Ticketbud for your event? LP: Ticketbud was so great with my Album Release Party that I didn’t hesitate to come to you again when we had two Cancer Benefit Concerts to raise money for my friend Christopher Scott and my cousin’s husband, Bob Hodierne.Ticketbud not only doesn’t take away a valuable percentage of proceeds, they also waive the one time fee completely for a Cancer Event! This enabled us to raise $4000 for Chris back in 2011 and we were able to raise $15,000 for Bob Hodierne! We cannot thank Ticketbud enough for creating an avenue for us to sell tickets for a great cause! TB: What are some of your favorite experiences of the event? LP: For our latest event for Bob, I noticed that the ticketbud site changed allowing us to add sponsors which was extremely helpful! Ticketbud waived our fee extremely quickly which enabled us to start collecting donations and selling tickets right through the site basically immediately.We hope to hold another event for Bob in the upcoming months and we will definitely be using Ticketbud to help us again! We hope to break our record of $15,000 raised for Bob and continue to help him battle his brain tumor. TB: Ticketbud constantly strives to provide the best online event management experience possible and, for cancer events, maintains a commitment to waive the fees for all cancer fundraisers. How was your experience working with Ticketbud? LP: I think I stated this previously but I just can’t thank Ticketbud enough for creating a site that allowed our family to raise donations and sell tickets quickly when we needed it most. Time is of the essence when battling cancer and we were able to spring into action with the help of Ticketbud! Bob’s a fighter and since he named his brain tumor ‘Pete’ and told us that ‘Pete is getting an eviction notice’, we have been able to run with his sense of humor for this past event and we will continue to help Bob Fight the Tumor with Humor! Thanks Ticketbud!!]]]]> ]]>