August 10, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Spotlight: Aurora Benefit 2012

After the tragic events that took place in Aurora, Colorado it didn’t take long for Good Samaritans across the United States to unite and begin devoting their time and efforts to aid the victims and the community of Aurora in any way they could. The Aurora Benefit 2012 is an incredible event that is a product of countless people volunteering themselves to create an opportunity to be a light in the lives of those who have been temporarily put in a place of darkness. Ticketbud was fortunate enough to get a brief interview with Peggy Foster, the lead organizer of this amazing benefit: Ticketbud: How did this idea of the benefit come to life? Peggy Foster: The event came about as I listened to the news in the early morning hours and was overwhelmed with a feeling of duty to serve the greater good. Ticketbud: Who is it that is putting on this benefit? Foster: There are members from the community both individuals and business owners involved. The involvement has led to a greater collective consciousness about humanitarian events. Benefit 2012 is registered as a non profit corporation in the state of Colorado for the purpose of this event. Registration lends itself to transparency and legitimacy. Ticketbud: What will this event mean to the community and those directly involved in the shootings? Foster: The hope and goal of the benefit is not merely a monetary one, but one of support for the courage and strength of those involved and a sense of collective consciousness for anyone involved in the planning as well as attendees. Ticketbud: If you know/ are able to tell me, what are some of the possible prizes that attenders could possibly win at the benefit? Foster: “Raffle prizes and silent auction include but are not limited to gift certificated for $100 Mrs. Fields, Wine Basket, and Spa day coupons as just a sampling.” On August 24, 2012 at the Oriental Theater in Denver, Colorado from 3pm to 9pm you’re invited to come and enjoy yourself while listening to live music, participating in a silent auction as well as raffles, and venture around to the various vendor booths that will be set up for your amusement ! For your listening pleasure Highway 50, 2 Boy Tuesday and Sean Kelly of The Samples along with a few others will be performing. Ticketbud is honored to be the outlet used to be selling tickets to this generous benefit online, and they are only $25.00! Of course, all proceeds from the benefit will be going directly to the victims and their families who were involved in the shooting in Aurora. The victims went to the movie theater that fateful night to essentially see a super hero help those in need. This can be your opportunity to help make sure that they know that there is still good in this world despite their terrible circumstances. This can be your opportunity to be a super hero! So spread the word and remember, August 24th at the Oriental Theater from 3pm to 9pm!]]]]> ]]>