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May 18, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Smiling for Smiddy Cocktail Party

  [caption id="attachment_8512" align="alignleft" width="174" caption="The group rides in honor of Adam Smiddy (pictured here)"][/caption]

Ticketbud is excited to present Smiling for Smiddy as one of our Spotlight organizations for our May Cancer Funding Commitment.

Smiling for Smiddy began in 2006, when Mark “Sharky” Smoothy’s dear mate and cycling partner, Adam Smiddy, passed away from an aggressive melanoma. Soon after, Smoothy initiated the first Smiddy Challenge- a 1600 kilometre, eight day cycle from Brisbane to Townsville to raise funds for cancer research with two others in honor of their beloved friend. They raised a surprising $24,000 between only three riders from this initial ride. In 2007, the ride grew by 14 people to include a total of 21 cyclists and managed to raise nearly $200,000. Five years after the first ride, Smiling for Smiddy has raised over $2 million. Their story of triumph and the memory of Adam Smiddy continues as Smoothy seeks to fund even more cancer research. Anyone can sign up for one of their various riding challenges on the Smiling for Smiddy web page in order to participate in the fight against cancer.

The founder of Smiling for Smiddy, Mark Smoothy, encourages you to “Be inspired and feel the Smiddy spirit, find yourself and fund a cure.” To find out more about the Smiling for Smiddy impact and its history, watch the video below.

For those interested in contributing to the cause but not participating in a riding challenge, Smiling for Smiddy is throwing a fun-filled evening of cocktails, canapes, raffles, and general frivolity in Ashgrove, Queensland called The Smiling for Smiddy Cocktail Party in order to fund their ride. Dust off your fanciest clothes, bring some cash to enter in the raffles, and come along to Dustin’s and Ben’s fundraising night. For only $60/person you will enjoy a fabulous array of canapes cooked by a talented chef, cocktails prepared by a world-traveled barman, punch, and a limited array of beer and wine.

The party will be held on June 2, 2012, and will ensure a fun-filled start to your summer. Beginning at 6pm, head down to Ashgrove to enjoy your first round of cocktails. This event is limited to only fifty guests, so make sure to purchase your tickets online as soon as possible.

[caption id="attachment_8505" align="alignleft" width="252" caption="The Smiddy team rides for cancer awareness!"][/caption]

This organization benefits both cancer research and the root of Ticketbud‘s ambitions: to help people. Ticketbud is delighted that Smiling for Smiddy has made themselves a reoccurring customer, and hope that we can continue to help them to sell tickets online.

We are excited to include this event in Ticketbud’s May Cancer Research Funding Campaign, in which we are highlighting honorable organizations and events that work towards ending cancer’s destructive effects. In addition, Ticketbud is donating $0.50 to the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) for every person that “likes”  our Facebook page in May. If you have searched for a way to help, we encourage you to participate in our campaign and join the cause today.

Ticketbud is your event online ticketing service where you keep all of the proceeds and none of the fees!

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