New Features
November 9, 2015  •  by Jane Carter

Product Update: Quick Ticket Search Across All Your Events

Search Tickets interface. Found right on your My Events dashboard, you can now quickly search attendees across all your events. No longer will you need to drill down into each event’s ticket sales to get your questions answered.

  • Wanting to see if Billy opened his ticket email from your event 3 months ago? Use Search Tickets.
  • Looking to update a name on the purchase because the ticket buyer broke up with his girlfriend he was originally taking? Use Search Tickets.
  • Need to resend a ticket because your attendee misspelled gmail when purchasing? Use Search Tickets
  quick_search The possibilities are endless. You can look up any ticket purchase to any of your events from the past year. Just simply search their email, first, or last name and you’re finished. It’s that simple. You’ll also have access to attempted purchases as well. quickticket                         The Search Tickets interface is accessible for individual Ticketbud accounts and accounts using our Ticketbud for Organizations functionality.]]]]> ]]>