Episode 31

Sporting Events & the American Basketball Association (Podcast)


In this episode we talk to Joe Newman, the CEO and Co-founder of the American Basketball Association (ABA), the largest professional sports league in the US. The ABA has teamed up with Ticketbud to focus on growth ahead of their new season.

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Topics include:

  • Rebuilding the ABA brand and how the central association supports the success of more than 150 teams
  • The ABA’s partnership with Ticketbud
  • The value of moving the ABA to online ticketing. Enabling them to reach new audiences, while gaining valuable customer data and buyer behavior insights
  • Challenges of implementing changes across an organization with so many independently owned teams
  • Communication practices between the ABA and it’s teams
  • Promoting a new ticketing purchase channel to fans
  • ABA promotional efforts, merchandise and more

American Basketball Association

The original American Basketball Association was a men’s professional basketball league that operated from 1967 to 76. The current ABA was relaunched in 1999 and now includes over 150 teams across the country, making it the largest professional sports league in the US. It is also the most diversified with 75% of its owners being African-American, Hispanic, Asian or women – with over 30 of the teams being owned by women.

The ABA season runs from November to March with playoffs that follow. Learn more about the ABA and its teams, or visit the ABA on Ticketbud for tickets (new teams are signing up to Ticketbud every week).

Ticketbud Partners with the ABA

The ABA and Ticketbud partnership is a great match for both organizations. Ticketbud sets ABA teams up for success, providing ongoing customer support and comprehensive reporting. Pre-sold game tickets give the ABA early access to funds and the ability to reach new audiences through digital channels.

Interviewee Information

Joe Newman

Joe Newman is the CEO and Co-founder of the American Basketball Association (ABA). He is formerly the owner of Joe Newman Advertising, a firm that represented such clients as KFC, Arbys, RCA, Whirlpool, Burger King and others. Former CEO of Alliance Broadcasting, a company that owned 16 radio stations in Florida, North Carolina, Michigan and Indiana as well as CEO of the Professional Marketing Institute, a sales training company. 

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