Episode 27

Creating and Marketing a Food Festival (Podcast)


In this episode we talk to Kevin Baxter, owner of Vivid Festivals, who has over 20 years experience working in entertainment and marketing. Kevin talks to us about his upcoming food festival, The Big Dill, and his goal to build the biggest online pickle brand through events, content and community building.

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Key Topics

  • Building a brand around something people have a preexisting affinity for
  • Finding the right partnerships 
  • Moving away from the food sample model
  • Short and long term strategies for sponsors 
  • Building awareness and an online community
  • Utilizing influencers   
  • Promotion, promotion promotion – including activations
  • Communication is the key to a better experience for all


Find out more about The Big Dill – The Worlds Largest Pickle Party

Interviewee Information

Kevin Baxter

Kevin has 20 years experience working in entertainment and marketing. He started out as a Marketing Manager at the Kahunaville entertainment complex. Quickly progressing to Director of Marketing after a hugely successful promotional campaign. Kevin went on to start his own events and promotions company. Working with artists such as Flo Rida, DMX and Method Man to produce large-scale concerts and nightlife marketing. Kevin’s next project was creating Philadelphia's first Cheesesteak Festival, which was a huge success, selling 27,000 tickets. In 2016 Kevin founded Digital Force Agency, based in Philadelphia. A branding agency that specializes in digital marketing. In 2019 Kevin launched his second company Viral Festivals which produces The Big Dill brand, an online pickle brand and festival.

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