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July 6, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Transform Your Event into a Lasting Memory

The truth is that your event, like a piece of fruit, ripens with age. Memories and precursory excitement paint a nostalgic picture  of your event that will remain in your attendees’ photo albums for a lifetime. It is important to remember that these positive memories serve as the best possible advertisements for your future events, and Ticketbud is happy to provide you with techniques to create lasting memories with our breakdown of an event’s life cycle.

Infancy– At this stage, attendees know hardly anything about your event, and what they learn is up to your discretion! This stage thrives in the buzz created during the months leading up to your event, and can drive ticket sales in either direction. Movie trailers, mashups of film clips released months before a film’s premiere date, serve as a great example of buzz. Trailers share just enough to make the audience yearn for more, but not enough to spoil all the fun. Creating a short video clip on YouTube or Facebook of last year’s festivities like the one below is a great way to accomplish this. Engaging attendees in the planning process will increase their interest and satisfaction while taking out some of the guesswork for you. Facebook polls asking your audience which drink special or venue they prefer is a great way to build excitement.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb5GpV_LUuU Youngster– Although completing final planning details has you tied to a seemingly endless to-do list, a final marketing stretch can be crucial to selling tickets last minute. A running countdown to the event will excite those who have already secured tickets and create a sense of urgency within those who have not yet purchased them. Entering each person who has purchased a ticket into a raffle for unique prizes gives those on the fence an additional reason to purchase a ticket. Announcing the raffle winner during the event and including the winner in your post-event blog or email will spread out the raffle’s relevance. Event Selling tickets for your event can be increased with the opportunity of a fun photobooth In its Prime– The big day is here, and you want this day to be special for all your guests! Give your Twitter followers a tweet-by-tweet of the ongoing action at your event. Tweet as each performer or activity begins and about performance highlights! Make sure to create a unique hash-tag category for your event so that all attending Tweeters can see what other guests have to say about their experience as it is occurring. Set up a professional photo booth with fun props for attendees to take pictures with. These photos double as both an activity and great party favors, which are one of the most effective ways to ensure your guests remember their experience.

 Vintage– Your event is over and you have two options: let the event slowly disappear or uphold its legacy in your guests’ memories. A great way to do the latter is by posting the photobooth pictures as well as other photography to the website a few days after the event has ended. Withholding pictures until after the event provides guests with a reason to visit their experience once more. Send a thank you email to your guests including pictures and highlights as well as a short survey about their experiences will both supplement their memories as well as provide feedback to help you make your next event an even greater success!

Congratulations, you’re expecting again!– You’ve got another one on the way…another event that is! Although your second event should be just as unique and special as your first, your guests’ memories of previous experience, as stated before, are the best advertising that your organization can buy. Use the positive aspects and excitement of the last event to your advantage when promoting later events.

Ticketbud is excited to present you with tips like these in order to make your event impossible to forget, and assures you that the possibilities in each stage of you event’s life are virtually endless!]]]]> ]]>