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February 26, 2014  •  by Jane Carter

How Ticketbud Helped Pink Avocado Build Local Relationships

Pink Avocado, who also host their own events in addition to catering others, it’s all about combining those creative forces for one amazing event. “Being in Austin affords us a huge luxury in the ability to work with an insanely talented group of people,” explained Event Director, Mariah Price. “It provides [Pink Avocado] with a creative outlet as well. I love helping with the themes, putting together the decor, marrying the entertainment…and collaborating with incredible local artists and vendors.” 1392548_624625864256741_482137445_nOne of their most popular events are their Bread & Circus Supper Club series, which focuses on a different theme every month ranging from a Paleo dinner with fresh-squeezed juice pairings to a circus themed event complete with acrobats and sword-swallowers. “Bread & Circus Supper Club allows [the Pink Avocado staff] an opportunity to stretch their culinary wings, so to speak. It’s their chance to get creative, try something new and showcase what they’re capable of.” Pink Avocado trusts Ticketbud to help take the stress and worry out of their event registration so they can continue to focus on their event’s theme and their relationships with local talent. “Ticketbud has been a great partner to us. The support team has always been there to answer any questions we’ve had, whether it be technical support or help with best practices. That kind of support is extremely helpful, especially when things can get hectic in the weeks leading up to a dinner. “It’s been interesting to see the evolution of the site as well. We look forward to seeing what’s in store.” Create Your Event Today CTA  ]]]]> ]]>