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March 21, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

"Peace is A Verb": The motto of S.O.TERIK

While their art is ambitious and intricate, their music dynamic and fresh, and their clothing striking and sharp, for Los Angeles-based fashion company S.O.TERIK their mission statement is simple: “PEACE IS A VERB.” Conceived with the belief that everyone can help create peace somewhere in the world, S.O.TERIK is a creative call to action, an organization whose sole goal is to spark within society a desire to make a positive change in the world through creative and fashionable forms of art and media.   In a world full of empty promises of “hope” and “dreams”, S.O.TERIK encourages an active mindset towards social change.  They believe peace will come when all people help promote peace through art, fashion, music, comics and more, an ideology that takes an active approach in a passive world. Ticketbud wholeheartedly supports like-minded causes such as S.O.TERIK’s that seek to spread a message of altruism and world-wide harmony. To learn more about S.O.TERIK and how to make peace a verb, visit  ]]]]> ]]>