October 11, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Making Check In Faster & Easier

Plan, plan, plan – it’s one of the simplest yet most effective ways to make your life easier!

1. Know your event venue

  • What’s the actual size of the venue and what’s the maximum capacity?  Maximum capacity doesn’t mean the true amount of attendees that will comfortably fit in addition to your set-up, so make sure to take not of that.
  • Where exactly are the entrances and exits?  Where will most people enter (if there are multiple entrances) and exit?
  • Where are the restrooms and other areas of possible congestion?

2. Know your equipment

  • Do you have enough tables and chairs for checking in your guests?
  • Is there a need for a different line for guests (e.g. VIP), and if so would you need it to be sectioned off?
  • Do you have proper signage for guests to know where to check-in?
  • How are you checking in your guests?
Are you using Ticketbud’s Free Mobile Scanner App – if so, do you have mobile devices for each check-in point?  Check out our Blog about our Mobile Scanner App  (
  1. If you are worried about people knowing your password, you can either change it for the event or just personally sign into each mobile device.
  2. Are you going to use a guest list?  Logging into your event at Ticketbud provides a way to print out or download an Excel spreadsheet on your laptop

3. Know your staff

  • How many people do you have working the event?  Make sure you have enough individuals working check-in, helping crowd control, as well as someone there to answer any miscellaneous questions.  Don’t forget to account for breaking down check-in.
  • More importantly, did you plan to make sure each individual knows what his/her individual role is?

4. Know your attendees

  • Where are the potential congested areas?  Is there enough space for people to walk?  Regardless of the size of your event, making sure there is good traffic flow is key.   This can be solved with proper set-up, signage, and staff.
Lastly, one of simplest things you can do to help make your event check-in easier is to send out a reminder of the event to guests.  Yes, they bought a ticket so they should know, but event information is easily forgotten or placed on the back burner.  Send out a friendly message with important information such as when doors open and to make sure to arrive early.  Also, include what they can/cannot bring in, and maybe even include a Frequently Asked Questions section! Hopefully all of these questions and suggestions have helped you prepare for making your guests’ check-in experience better and your experience as the event planner a whole lot easier.]]]]> ]]>