September 13, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Spotlight: Kids Kicking Cancer Gala

One of our upcoming events is being hosted by Kids Kicking Cancer, a unique nonprofit organization with a mission: to combat cancer through karate. Awesome, right? The organization’s mission is “to ease the pain of very sick children while empowering them to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally” through relaxation and mental imagery, meditating, breathing and active karate exercises. The Kids Kicking Cancer program also seeks to integrate parents, siblings and medical personnel into the healing process through these unconventional healing methods.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Karate beats Cancer

Most children diagnosed with cancer typically feel a loss of autonomy, control and personal identity. Kids Kicking Cancer teaches kids to see themselves in a new light: not as victims of the disease, but as empowered participants in their own healing process. This psychological and emotional shift is dramatic and powerful. Kids Kicking Cancer offers a wide variety of programs for participants and their families. Their comprehensive plan makes sure that families, siblings and medical personnel are all acquainted with the healing powers of martial arts therapy to ensure that the patient is supported by the most capable healing team possible.

The First Annual Kids Kicking Cancer Gala

Kids Kicking Cancer is hosting the first annual Kids Kicking Cancer Gala, hosted by Salon Lux. Tickets are $100, which will grant you access to dinner, dancing, a silent auction and—most importantly—a demonstration from the kids of Kids Kicking Cancer. All of the proceeds will go to Kids Kicking Cancer. The gala will be held on November 1, 2012 at Villa Penna’s Banquet Hall in Sterling Heights, MI. You can buy your tickets to this event on Kids Kicking Cancer’s event page on Ticketbud.   Check out Kids Kicking Cancer’s FacebookTwitter and YouTube pages!

Ticketbud: Standing Beside Cancer Orgs since Day 1

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