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July 26, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

Importance of Customer Appreciation!

paramount to success. Customer appreciation events are an incredibly effective way of showing your clients that you care, and adequate measures should be taken to ensure such an event is run smoothly.  Here are some tips from Ticketbud to keep in mind: 1. PLAN AHEAD – Sure.  You may have planned your 25th high school reunion party in two weeks.  And yes, it might have been a rockin’ time, but this is no high school reunion, and you will need way more than two weeks.  The amount of details to be worked out for a big, memorable customer appreciation dinner or party is overwhelming, and that’s not counting the unforeseen setbacks that must be expected.  Many large businesses set a date as far as six or seven months away, and more could only be better!  Sit down and figure out how long it will take for everything that must happen for the event to happen, and go ahead and give yourself a couple months on top of that.  Being prepared for what your unprepared for is the key to success here. 2.  BUILD UP ANTICIPATION – This relates to planning ahead, and should also be planned for.  Letting clients know about an event far in the future does much more than simply ensuring their availability.  On the most basic level, when a client hears about your event some time in the next year, that right there gives them the confidence that you will only be growing and thriving from now until then!  That is something that many companies certainly cannot guarantee.  Sending monthly reminders up till the month of the event, in which you send a formal, mailed invitation, will make your company appear professional while also further emphasizing the customer’s importance.  What could be better? 3. MAKE IT FUN! – A dinner is nice, but you really want to give your clients a reason to remember you.  Make your event double as the customer’s planned night of fun as well, and then you really impress them.  Look into entertainment such as a local band or comedian to give your event that extra kick. 4. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP! – If it is your first time throwing a customer appreciation event, and you find yourself stressing about getting everything right, don’t try and fight the fight alone!  Hiring a professional event planner and utilizing convenient online services such as Ticketbud‘s online ticketing can only ensure a smooth and memorable event. Follow these tips and you’re sure to let those customers know exactly how much you care! Check the Ticketbud blog weekly for more event planning tips!]]]]> ]]>