February 20, 2015  •  by Sean Burke

How to Use Blogs to Sell Tickets

Blogs: many of us have one for personal use and use them as a diary or to talk about a certain hobby that we enjoy. However, there’s a big opportunity in creating a blog to help increase the amount of views your event gets, which can help increase your ticket sales. Best of all, you don’t have to devote much time to it – just a couple of short posts a week will do it to increase sales. First, let’s look into why blogs are so useful for you, and then we’ll give you some potential ideas as well as actionable tactics help increase ticket sales.

Why a Blog for Your Event Is Awesome:

At their very base level, blogs are your personal soap box. You write about what you’re passionate about and, over time, people with the same passions as you will follow your blog, repost your content, and even collaborate with you! As mentioned earlier, blogging is cost effective because all that is required is your time. Personally, I recommend setting aside about 30 minutes every few days to type up a post. So you can post stuff about your event for free, which is useful because you’re also spending your money on other advertising platforms and your budget isn’t infinite (if it is, please contact us as we’ve got some killer ideas!). Another reason why blogs are awesome is because they are indexed by search engines- this means that people could find your blog if they search for something that is related to your event. Bottom line: if it’s online, people can and will find it. That’s great news for you!

Actionables Checklist:

Here’s some things your blog needs to have if you want it to be successful and drive free traffic to your event, resulting in increased visibility and ticket sales.

Engaging Content:

If you’re going to spend your precious time crafting content to attract attention to your business, you want to do better than hunches and hoping.” Jessica Stillman, Inc.
It’s ironic that this is a long blog post because many of the best blog posts are short (but bear with me, this is worth it). And by short I mean about 300-600 words. Keep it engaging and people will keep coming back. For example, if you organize a concert series: Concerts are super easy. Write about the band, get interviews, write about where you’re going to be playing, show work in process shots of the stages being built, talk about the venue and its history.


People love pictures and a blog without any pictures is like a house without windows, it just won’t feel right. The Internet has rightly become more and more image centric and that’s because people like visuals. Take some high quality photos in the weeks leading up to your event of things like the grounds, the building of stages, the catering. You got it, take a picture of it! Everyone loves to see works in progress.

Social Sharing:

Just like people love pictures, people like to share things that matter to social media sites. Be sure that your blog not only has the options for social sharing on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but that the content itself is something someone would share. Run contests for free swag,share crazy things that happened with the pyrotechnics, the possibilities are truly endless.

Think of Search Queries:

If you want your tattoo convention to be the first result on Google or Yahoo! when someone searches “tattoo convention los angeles”, then you need to be writing with these keywords in mind. Search engines don’t place as much importance on keywords as they used to but you still need to have the keywords in the first place if you want to rank for those terms. tattoo At the end of the day, you need the mindset of “if a person searched for _____ and my blog post was the first result, would they be satisfied, excited, or want to share it with someone they know?”. This means you don’t need the keyword in every single line (search engines hate that and so do people), you just need to fulfill the user’s needs.

Think Mobile:

UECHM1MCTQ Okay, okay, you get it. Everyone’s on their phone nowadays. So why is it that so many websites still aren’t optimized for a mobile experience? Don’t get lazy and think you can get away with it because you can’t. If you have a web developer for your site, talk with him/her and ensure that your site is “responsive”. We hope that this helped you get some thoughts rolling in your head, and we also enjoy hearing your feedback on our own blog! If you start a blog, send it our way and we’ll be happy to provide input into yours as well.]]]]> ]]>