September 20, 2013  •  by Jane Carter

Calling All Event Organizers!

Organizing a Ticketbud event just got better.

Paying for an event just got a whole lot simpler! 

We understand that not all events fit into our $99 Guarantee. That’s why we’ve created a new pricing option that allows you to sell tickets on Ticketbud for FREE! By adding a fixed, low per ticket fee to each ticket that your attendees purchases, you can now host your event on Ticketbud at no cost to you.

Event pages just got a whole lot sexier!

Based on your feedback for a more intuitive and professional layout, we’ve redesigned our event pages to give your event the exciting, polished look it deserves. Creating the event page is more seamless than ever with our “Interactive Event Page Editor” which allows you to create the event page in the same environment in which it will be displayed. In other words, what you see when you edit is what you get when your event page is activated. Interactive Event Page Editor

Collecting funds and processing payments just got a whole lot easier!

Rather than using a complicated third party payment processor, Ticketbud will now offer our own in-house payment processor, allowing you to avoid messy payment setup & management on outside sites. With Ticketbud’s new payment processor:

1. We handle all of the setup and transaction related details related to your event.

2. Your attendees stay on Ticketbud when purchasing their tickets.

3. Receive your event revenue via direct deposit or Venmo after the event.

  If you have any questions about these upcoming updates, please feel free to contact us at]]]]> ]]>